No time to cook? Try a delicious casserole when you have time and freeze for another day

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You might like to make elaborate meals but can't seem to find the time to cook them. There are always answers to most questions. The answer to this issue is casseroles. I will discuss these dishes in this article.

Too busy to cook

There are many people who because they like to make elaborate foods for their meals. You and your spouse might have jobs that are all day When you have kids you might have to carpool for the neighborhood kids. Then bMaybe they have to go to dancing school with your daughters that they are enrolled, and then there are Little League baseball games and practice for your little ones. Today people just don't have time to cook in the afternoon for dinner or in the morning for breakfast. For breakfast especially if they work and have kids that are of school age. Getting ready themselves and making sure their children are ready can be hectic.

Casseroles for breakfast

If you don't have time to cook for your kids and yourself in the mornings, the night before for breakfast. Casseroles for breakfast can include eggs, diced hams, bacon, Canadian bacon and either cube of bread or hash browns. Put it in the refrigerator or freezer and heat up in the morning and everybody has a hearty breakfast and will do better in school and if parents work they will perform their job better.

Casseroles the eveniomng before

The good idea is to make casseroles in the evening before dinner the next day, or you might have a week of vacation and you aren't going anywhere. You can make a pile of casseroles and freeze them and defrost and heat up when you are ready to eat them. If you just have two or three of you, you will probably have leftovers. If you don't mind eating a delicious meal two or more days, then you can eat the leftovers the next day. Casseroles are so filling you might have them for several days

Make up your own casserole recipes

You can do what you want in casseroles. Most casseroles have meat (can put in something else if you or The beautiful part or casseroles are that you can put together your favorite foods and make your idea family member is vegetarian. They now have like ground meat called protein crumbles that look like and act like ground beef and are not meat. Put them in a sauce and they taste and have the texture of ground beef. Then you need a starch, that could be noodles or a grain, like some type if rice, or quinoa, oats, corn or millet. A sauce for a casserole can be a cream of something soup or a gray or tomato sauce. And some vegetables, and like I mentioned before you can use real ground beef instead of protein crumbles. If you want, put on a topping of your favorite cheese melted on top. Or you want you can use cracker crumbs, cubes of bread, or I even had some at a friends house ground peanuts that my friend said would give it texture, and it did. It was delicious.

How to get recipes and citations

There are many different cookbooks devoted to casseroles, sometimes health and women's magazines have casserole recipes. Or you can get a library books and even on the internet. Ask people in which you work, neighbors, friends and family member for recipes and ideas.


Maryana Vollstedt The big book of casseroles: 250 casseroles of pure comfort food


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yes I used to make lots of casseroles but now I watch my diet since I had weight loss surgery

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