Nobel Prize Winner Tawakkol Karman.Takes Yemini's fight for democracy to the United Nations

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The 2011 Nobel peace prize winners have been awarded to three very brave women for their outstanding efforts to make this world a better place. Unfortunately, Montreal and the rest of Canada have yet to produce a female Nobel prize winner but we will. It is just a matter of time.

Yemeni women burn their makramas

The Peace prize winners are Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Leymah Gbowee, and Tawakkol Karman. has yet to put up the biographies of these outstanding women

Tawakal Karman nobel prize winner

First woman killed in the protests

By October 16 CNN reported that Aziza Othman Kaleb, was the first woman to be killed in the protests. This occurred in Taiz. However, the claim could not be substantiated This killing did not deter the brave Yemeni women who protested but 10 days later. They were protesting about the violence and brute force used against them for their efforts in trying to establish freedom in Yemen. They protested by burning their headscarfs (makramas).

Tawakel Karman was in Washington at the time but she did comment on the protest. She said, the female protesters who burned their makrama were "reject(ing) the injustice that the Saleh regime has imposed on them. And this is a new stage for the Yemeni women, because they will not hide behind veils or behind walls or anything else."

Yemeni women appeal to the United Nations

Tawakal Karman nobel prize winner

Tawakal Karman became more and more involved in getting world support for her cause to oust President Saleh after the announcement had been made that she was nominated for a Nobel Peace Price.

Her goal in lobbying the United Nations Security council was to get them to freeze Saleh’s assets, support the protesters and hold him accountable for his actions. The last thing she wanted was for him to get a pardon. Unfortunately, she did not get all she wanted. The Security Council Resolution 2014 passed on October 21, 2010, did severely condemn him for his wrongful actions against protesters but gave him immunity if he should resign by backing up the Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC).

Here is another example of money and commodities being more important than women’s rights. .

When Saleh signed the agreement he did agree hand power over to Vice President Abd al-Rab Mansur al-Hadi who is supposed to make the step for political change. Not that Tawakel would trust or believe.

Support a democratic transistion

Tawakal Karman had gone to United Nations Security Council to have them support the Yemeni people who wanted democracy and a release from President Saleh’s stronghold on the country. She wanted the United Nations to hold Saleh responsible for his ruthless and brutal actions upon the protesters and upon the country.

Though the council condemned his actions towards the people particularly the protesters they gave him immunity.

Karman also went to the USA to speak with Hillary Clinton. Clinton said the United States supported the United Nations in their support for a democratic transition in Yemen. Also the United States Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton said that the people had the right to elect a leader of their choice.

Note: Saleh agreed to hand over power to his vice president who was supposed to start the political transition.

Karman was not satisfied when Clinton’s comments and reported back in Yemen, "in Yemen, it has been nine months that people have been camped in the squares. Until now we didn't see that Obama came to value the sacrifice of the Yemeni people. Instead the American administration is giving guarantees to Saleh."

To be continued
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Shes a valiant woman and well deserved prize!

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