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Do you dread hearing the words 'Water fight'? If you don't like them because of the dullness, or because of the injuries suffered this article gives you a few ways of making them a bit more manageable or giving the idea a twist for some more fun.

Join safty with fun

Water fights are well loved by children of all ages, some rather grown up ones too. They can be wonderfully cheap harmless fun, but they can also be a nightmare of dripping wet cold children with red eyes are gasping voices from swallowed water. They can also be rather dull, especially when one person has some sort of water gun and everyone else is left scrapping for any way to level the playing field. This article gives you a few ideas to spice up or safety proof the water fight.

The traditional Soak

First have a clear source of water in a clearly viable place. Make it clear this is the only source of water. This levels the playing field immediately. Everyone has to fill up from the same place or places, nobody has a monopoly on this and if it's a container of water nobody can move it. Then check equipment, area boundaries, and decide it's a team or every man for himself type fight. Strapping a piece of paper under the T-shirt is a good way to determine a winner at the end for individual players. For team games protecting water balloons are a great way of scoring the game, plus good ammo for the opposite team when they get hold of them. With younger children we have used water barrels of liquid and disposable cups, they don't hurt, are all the same size, and it's not enough to drench anyone on their first hit. We also have a version of water fight where people are disqualified for throwing water directly in someone's face.

The Balloon Target

Want a quick and controlled water fight. Find a packet of small balloons and fill them not too full with water. Split them into two buckets and the kids into 2 teams. The teams must remain in their target area and can only throw the balloons at the other team. It's sitting ducks nature means everyone gets a bit wet, but it's easy to control. Good for a fast game on a hot day when you know they will dry out.

The Jelly mayhem

We tried this first at a sleepover, late on a winter night. Big bowls of jelly and a confined space. It was mayhem but it didn't drench people, the jelly brushed off and apart from nasty hair for the night people warmed up really quickly after. The trick is to buy the cheapest jelly you can find. The stuff that doesn't set very well. It leaves you with a solid liquid you can throw very effectively. Wonderful fun. Just tie your hair back first.

Traditional food fight

To be honest every kid dreams of these, but the mess and the expense means they don't get a chance to live that dream. However it's easier to organise than you would think. Set up a table and fill it with cheap food and plastic china. Instant mashed potato, jelly,gravy, flour (with water to form a paste) and custard all work well. You can add a little bit of food colouring in different batches so it doesn't all look the same. Also things like lentils and pasta can be good additions in bowls for the older groups which won't end up choking on them. If you want more liquids then you can put some jugs or glasses of water. Best done outside for obvious reasons, far away from buildings, camping is ideal. You'll need a rake and a couple of big brushes as well as something you can use as a dustpan for the clear-up operation. It's best to make it a rule that you can't pick up the containers, especially with a big group. Lastly, avoiding too many sugary foods will help with the avoiding local wildlife!


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