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The REALITIES of Online Dating
This article reveals the good and bad consequences of engaging in online relationships. Since it is a worldwide popular activity today, it is worth the WATCH.


In the recent decade, the concept of cultivating a romantic relationship with somebody over the internet was regarded with skepticism and “eews”. Many believe that such adverse reaction to online dating and having certain relationships via the internet bloomed from the view that it is like “selling” oneself.

Meeting people, having romantic prospects, and making relationships through the internet has been automatically considered to be a desperate or cheap act in the recent years. Today however, due to the mushrooming social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Multiply and Tumblr among others, the chance of searching for the “perfect partner” has remarkably increased and changed our perception of online dating significantly. It has already become similar to a somewhat normal phenomenon where one makes friends with somebody and eventually, as they know each other deeper, they engage into closer and more intimate relationships.

Internet romances that eventually flourished offline have chances that they become real-life relationships. But, undeniably, this is not always the case.

Due to the great degree of anonymity brought by the internet, the long distances of people involved and photo manipulation, it is very easy for people to mask their true identities and even personalities. As a matter of fact, it is really hard to verify the real character of somebody you only met online; compared to someone you’ve already interacted with in person. For instance, you never really know a person’s true motive or stance on the commitments if all you do are chatroom conversations and webcam show-ups where the other person can actually create reactions and emotions he/she wants to show, which may be true or not. Often, commitment can only be measured by seeing how consistent his actions of support, loyalty and caring are.

In the extreme, given the popularity of ‘eyeball’, or personally meeting up after online acquaintance, there has been a flourishing in cases of abductions, murder and even the so-called date-rape.

With all these realities, it is still your decision whether or not to engage in online romances or even bring it higher to another level up. Online dating is easy, fast and practical and sometimes, more fun. However, the internet can also turn out to be a cause of heartaches and even gravid problems that will make you regret for the rest of your life.


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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
8th Nov 2012 (#)

Well, there was a woman in the States who decided her carnal satiation was more important than morals and went on an online blind date and got VD by sleeping with this guy she never ever met. Well thats the good side, the bad side is that he left a gift for her which is a lifetime stigma as she is in her 30's 40's don't remember which but more the 40's and now cannot sleep with any other blind date.
The court authorities awarded her great money for her blind date catastrophe, she is 9 million richer than before she slept with him. See, good side of Online Dating, get laid, get VD, Kick the guy out publicly and get compensated in millions just because he was a germ bag..... She will keep her legs together now....
As far as men are concerned, they are always hovering around where there is nectar, it up to the plant/flower to allow it to enter into its private area. 99.9% allow as its a trend but if its Venus Fly trap, it eats that insect and never lets it get away alive....

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author avatar Retired
8th Nov 2012 (#)

I'm starting to believe that maybe this is true...

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author avatar Mickey Javelona
9th Nov 2012 (#)

It is...

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author avatar RJ11
10th Feb 2013 (#)

Great Article, I do believe that some of that can happen. I've been online dating for 12 years and it's been a bit of a slippery slope like some good and some bad. I'm just not a person to get discouraged by a few bad dates or even the fact that things went downhill. People just need to be honest which seems to be a rarity in this world because some people think that they have something to gain by hiding things from other people and perspective dates which is wrong anyway.

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