October Adventures on the Sheep Hobby Farm

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October has only just started and already things are busy here on our little sheep hobby farm. In less than two weeks we have four more sheep and others on the way. And on top of it all it is snowing!

New Ram

Every fall we get a new ram, a male sheep. We do not have a pasture to keep rams separate from the ewes so we do not keep a ram all year.

We called the man we had bought rams from in the past. He said he had a nice spotted ram for us, but that he was young and small. That was okay with us and the man delivered him on Friday, October 5, 2012. He is a Katahdin Dorper cross.

It was night when the new ram was delivered, although in the summer the sun stays up until after 10 pm, at this time of the year it goes down just after 7 pm so we had to make sure the new ram found the flock of sheep and would settle in with them rather than going running around the pasture and crashing into the fence.

Something About Last Year's Ram

Last year's ram was nice and the man we bought him from last fall for breeding had said he would buy him back in the spring, but when spring came we could not get a hold of him and when we did he said he did not need him back, so we had to try to sell him privately.

What we did not realize was that by the time he sold he had already bred three of the ewes. In September my wife started to suspect that three of our ewes, Blackie, Diamond, and Girlie, were pregnant.

Triplet Lambs

Girlie seemed like the ewe least likely to have lambs first but she surprised us.

On Canadian Thanksgiving, Monday October 8, 2012, My wife had noted her lagging a bit when the sheep were walking out in the pasture but sometimes one is slower than the others and it often is nothing to worry about, but later when my wife went out she noticed that Girlie was not with them. My wife went to the old barn on the property (a sideways sort of building with no door, a place where the ewes will often go to have lambs). Sure enough there was Girlie with three lambs, triplets, two boys and a girl.

In case you are wondering, Girlie is a hair sheep cross with a wool sheep. You can see her head and lower neck look more like a hair sheep, but on top of her back is a patch of wool that did not shed.

Here are the Ram Lambs

One of her ram lambs has a white spot on the forehead and the other is solid black.

Sometimes when a ewe has triplets one does not get enough milk and may need bottle feeding, we are watching them closely for signs of that but hoping not, as that is expensive and time consuming.

We have put them in the better barn and kept them in a stall. We had to get some hay because otherwise there is nothing for them to eat in the barn (straw is bedding, hay is food). It is just as well we ordered the hay, two days later (yesterday) it started to snow!

In addition to the hay she gets oats and some apples.

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author avatar Bets
11th Oct 2012 (#)

Well this is simply a fascinating little story to read today and I am loving it. A correction; (and I like corrections myself), when writing for example,
"Sometimes when a ewe has triplets..." you may want to check with tools spelling - grammer for proper wording for "A" and "AN." 'An' appears before any word that starts with a vowel. "An ewe...." I only want to help make your day better with the kindest of thoughts. With that I will bid you a glorious afternoon writing about little creatures and famland animals which I love as much as writing about them. Great job!! Smiles, Bets :)

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author avatar Bets
11th Oct 2012 (#)

I love corrections myself and meant to say FARMLAND.(typo.)

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author avatar Md Rezaul Karim
12th Oct 2012 (#)

Nice little lamb and welcome to this world!

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author avatar Christine Crowley
12th Oct 2012 (#)

Neat! Triplets? Ohmygod.

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author avatar Sivaramakrishnan A
12th Oct 2012 (#)

Life goes on everywhere as it should. A new life is always a joy to behold! Thanks for a lovely share, Mark - siva

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author avatar Denise O
13th Oct 2012 (#)

They are just gorgeous Mark. Snow, already, yikes, I forget being down here in the south that it is that time of the year. Big hug to Girlie and her little ones. As always, thank you for sharing.:)

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
14th Oct 2012 (#)

We had two more on Friday, I am going to write about them now.

As far as the grammar goes, "a ewe" is correct, it is one of those things that breaks the rule.

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author avatar Judy Ellen
21st Oct 2012 (#)

Wow! I wish I could jump into that picture and hold that sweet baby lamb or ewe!! Thanks for letting us have a peek into your interesting lives.

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