On keeping your man’s best friend healthy, loyal and long living

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Dogs are man's best friend; they had been around for thousands of years. Truly, dogs became man's best friend for their loyalty and total love for their masters. That is why, just like a small child, dogs as pets, companion and friend, you have to take care of them, for you to enjoy their positive presence.

On keeping your man’s best friend healthy, loyal and long living

Starting from domestication, men breed dogs and produced various crossbreds such as Australian Labradoodles in NJ or authentic Australian Labradoodles NJ, Rottweiler, daschund, poddle dogs, the spotted Dalmatian, Doberman, greyhound, Labrador, basenjis. Each breed has different traits, appearance and abilities. Labradooles, which is a cross breed and hybrid between poodle dog and Labrador retriever, appears with wavy coats. Their color varies from white, black or light brown.

For their temperament, labradoodles are cool; they are intelligent and like swimming. Additionally, they can serve as guides for the blind and provide loyal and loving service for their human companion. In the United States, professional breeders are active in dog breeding such as the Australian Labradoodle breeders NY. Taking care of your dog

1. Bath them daily with mild dog shampoo and soap. These items are available in pet and veterinary shops. Bath your dog daily to minimize bad odors and ticks.

2. Use an anti flea products, especially those containing pyrethrin and IDIs and IGR – Insect growth regulator. Pyrethrin comes from chrysanthemum flowers and can act as effective, fast acting knock out for insect pests while IGRs can offer permanent flea control by inhibiting insect growth. IGRs contain protein that stops fleas and cockroaches from reaching adulthood by preventing them from developing exoskeleton.

Since they can't reach adulthood, fleas can't bite and sip blood from your dog. Technically, IGRs are not pesticide, but rather hormone regulators that stop fleas from creating successive generations. Another pest control chemical is IDIs or Insect development inhibitor, which can stop fleas from developing their chitin. Fleas affected by IDIs are easy to kill since their eggs have no chitin. Both IDIs and IGRs are pet safe and non-toxic.

3. Feed your dog with approved dog food – First; avoid giving foods bad for your dog. These are namely, chocolate (containing theobromine), avocados, onions, grapes, garlic, dough and moldy foods. Give your dogs with approved foods such as eggs, oatmeal, cooked chicken, peanut butter, yogurt, and cheese for lactose tolerant dogs. Prepare a balanced diet meal for your best friend, consisting of dog approved vegetables, fruits and meat.

4. Have your dog a regular veterinary check ups. Just like humans, dog also need regular checkup. You won't know when or how your dog's immune system will keep itself strong. Parasites and disease such as heartworm, flea infestation all threaten your dog's health. With regular check up, you are in a position to keep your family member healthy.


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