One in Four Motorists Drives Too Fast

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Know some statistics about driving accidents amongst young drivers.


When it comes to talking about speed limits, most car drivers generally view others as road hogs, but see their own misconduct on a less critical note. This is demonstrated by the results of a current representative study performed by car experts. Ninety-two percent of those interviewed believe that other motorists exceed the permissible speed limit either often, very often, or always.

However, they are more conservative when it comes to assessing their own behavior. Only one in four stated that he or she drives faster than allowed on frequent occasions, on very frequent occasions or at all times. And women tend to be no better than men in that assessment. Young car drivers show the least consideration for speed limits, almost one in two of the 18-to-25-year-olds drives faster than is permitted. Conversely, taking the 40-to-59-year-olds bracket, only one in five exceeds the speed limit, and from age 60 upwards, it is every eighth motorist.

Risk in young drivers

Young drivers lack the necessary experience for proper risk assessment. They often want to show how good they can drive and overestimate their own capabilities. They drive faster than it is safe to do, and yet they are still subjectively convinced that they are driving at a reasonable speed. This means that about 35 per cent of all car speeding accidents involving injuries to persons are caused by young drivers.

Driving in country roads

In most countries, speed limits are exceeded most frequently on the main roads and country roads. About one in three car drivers confesses to driving faster than allowed, topping the speed limit by 14 kilometers per hour on average. And, among 18-to-25-year-old the rate is as high as 54 percent. Speeding within built-up areas is the most seldom offense, here, only one in five motorist’s drives too fast, and one in four on the motorways. About two thirds of all accident deaths happen on country roads, and almost one in three people die as a result of collision with a tree. Many car drivers appear to be unaware of the special risks and hazards involved in driving on country roads.

The reasons for so many motorists driving too fast on country roads and long, straight, and tree lined avenues are that a lot of motorists associate country road driving with pleasant emotions like the feeling of freedom. Their familiarity with trees at the roadside as well as their positive connections with trees and forests are among the chief reasons for underestimating the high accident risk on roads lines with trees for long distances.

Safety in driving

Even if conditions are supposedly good, like driving in sunshine and on dry surfaces, country roads still harbor many dangers of which most motorists are unaware. Many auto industry supplier and expert for vehicle safety systems have made it our goal to enlighten motorists and other road users about these dangers and to make them more safety conscious by organizing broad-based information and campaigns covering all aspects of traffic safety.


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author avatar Denise O
27th Nov 2010 (#)

OMG! The teen years with your child when they start driving, UGH! LOL
I went through two.
I also thought making them learn on a stick shift is a good idea.
Also, their first cars were sticks.
This way the child has to pay more attention to the road.
Also for us parents...
You wearing dark sun glasses gives your child confidence...
That way, they're not able to see the horrified look in your eyes while you take them
out driving.
That in itself, helps build up their confidence.LOL
Thank you for sharing.:).

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author avatar jojomen
5th Dec 2010 (#)

ok, this frightens me. still need to be a defensive driver to be safe at all times.

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