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How online Banking fraud is prevented and measures to keep your online bank account safe.

Online banking Tips.

Online banking is the latest or should say fastest way for banking these days. People go for online banking for money transfer and more other purposes. But as online banking provides us great features for banking in quite simple and fast way but along with that it made very good chances for hackers to steal money in a many ways.

From last 5 years there have been enormous cases of hacking of bank account or money transfer from one country to another by hackers.Today in this article I will give some important tips to how to secure your online banking.

1. Do not login from any other link of bank website from other websites.Always login by entering the official website.Because it is the best method of hacking adopted by hackers. You can image that they can create 100% clone type page similar to the official website of bank.and can hack your acoount no and password.
OK here is an example which will make it clear
Suppose I am a hacker what I do, I have a website here I want to hack people's bank accounts then what I do first ,I will make a clone page of the real bank webpage(the main page of website).Making same page is not a difficult task,just a few week experience and you too can clone Microsoft‘s page(he he he).Ok lets come to work again. After making the clone page of banks like Axis bank (just for example),what I do next I place it on my website by saying that it is the fastest link to your bank. People these days have no patients they will click on that link so that they can enter website more fastly. Here they did the big mistake then the clone page opens and person will think that it is the official page of Bank they enter there password and account no. As they click on LOGIN. What happens the password along with account no goes to hackers email address or in his server address. And as simple hacker hacks the account transfer the money and your like dumbo still watching and saying "Hey bhagwan yeh kasie ho gyaa"(omg, how can this be possible)
2. Always use online virtual keyboard provided by every bank website.What is happening these days hackers got sniffing tools(hacking tools through they hack mostly called keyloggers),with the help they can enter your computer and after entering records every keyboard key pressed by you after a month or a week or a single day.What the entered software do it will send a email automatically to the hacker along with a record of key pressed by you on keyboard. and with this report hacker can know your account no and password. So to restrict this problem banks lunched online keyboard where you can enter your account no and password by clicking mouse character by character.

“So with these tips I hope you will be satisfied and this article help you feel safe and more secure than last time you login your bank account. So Have a nice time and happy banking from my side.”


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