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If you buy online, don´t miss this words. Better lost 5 minutes reading that lost 50 euros on a bad buy

Online Shopping, Safety 1st

Buying online is so easy and approachable nowadays. Everyone in everywhere can buy from everyone in everywhere. But its that so simple?Is it safe?
Let's review the actual situation:
-You want an item,
-You can go online to buy,
-Item found, lets pay
Simple isn't it? We know that today we can simply buy a car by clicking. Back in my days of elementary school, when my mom got the first family car (a ford focus) we needed to get in a bus and wait 2 hours to go in the capital city, where most of car business and stands were. Well today reality is different, because we can simple go online and shop.
Some things you should know:
-Giving your personal information and identity is very dangerous, there are reports of ID steal
- Giving credit card number and CV isn't that secure either, you don't know what kind of people will get access to that information
-Even the online shop guarantee that is 100% safe, be careful, nothing on the net is trustful, even if that store is a renamed company, security can be broken, for example, MTGOX, the ex-lider of bitcoin transaction, with headmasters in cryptography and programming got hacked and stolen.
-Search and read other users opinion and feedback( I always check the most part of feedback when i want to buy something on ebay)
- You personal identity, like cards numbers, ID number, and your personal data are totally YOURS. Only provide if you are really sure about the security of the site/seller
I'm talking honestly, i don't want to live in a world where steal is more easy that work, and i can ensure that there is a lot of people who will lie and stole just for a few cents.
Well lets give you some recommendations:
-You don't have to give your credit card info to no one, there are a lot of online banks. You can use "online banks" like paypal, egopay,etc etc... Later i will make a page with some tutorials and quick tips how to use them.
-Make a select choose of the seller, even if you had one that makes half price of your item, always choose the one who have the best price and the best feedback
-Expand your mind, think with you head, don't let the greed of having that cool shoes or that cool gadget possess you.( This happened to me )
-Ask the seller/site/ company all the questions and all the doubts that you have. They are there to sell, and you to buy. You have the money, so you have the power.
-Always check if the site have a refund policy, what how they do it. This can help you once buying online you don't have access to analyze and inspect the product with your eyes and hand
-And last, but not least,check your cards, your virtual cards and your balance account, etc etc... many times as you can after a purchase.

"Nothing and no one controls the internet, but there are some "cibershaks" that can swim better than you" - Me


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Valuable tips for safe Online shopping.

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