Orange Skin: Spoon’s Candy

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A traditional type of candies in Greece is “spoon’s candies”. You can make them with almost any fruit, or even vegetables! Basically it is fruits in dense syrup. More dense than compote, less dense than marmalade, and the fruit remains “unsmashed”.


◦1 kg of oranges (better with thick skin)
◦1 kg of sugar
◦2.5 – 3 glasses of water
◦Juice from half lemon
1.Wash the fruits.
2.Scratch the skin of the oranges (with a – thin scraper only to remove the very outer layer of the skin that is bitter enough).
3.Cut the skin of every orange in 6 – 8 pieces.
4.Roll the pieces of skin and stick – them with a toothpick (its easier), or fasten them with a fiber.
5.Boil the rolled pieces of orange skin 3 times for 4-5 minutes each time, with fresh water.
6.Make a syrup with the sugar and the water.(after it begins to boiling keep boiling the syrup for 5 minutes).
7.Then throw the pieces of the orange skin in the syrup and keep boiling till the – correct density*.
8.- (You pour the lemon juice near the end of the cooking.)
9. Remove the toothpicks or fiber when its is cool.
10.*The – correct density for the syrup of “spoon candies” can – be checked with many ways but for beginners here is a method that most times works well enough.
11.With a clear spoon pick up little syrup from the saucepan and pour it on a small plate.
12.Then blow to cool it down and see how it looks.
13.It must be such dense that when you pass the edge of a spoon through it, to remain a “channel”.
14.Most fruits produce “foam” in the beginning of the procedure. You have to remove it with a spoon. Also you must be careful because they plump up when the foam occur.


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author avatar Anuradha
26th Jun 2010 (#)

yummy recipe. I'll try out.

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author avatar Denise O
28th Aug 2010 (#)

I am always looking for new candy recipes, thank you, it looks tasty.

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author avatar peachpurple
5th Dec 2012 (#)

lovely recipe.

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