Orbs Enigma: In Quest of the Incorporeal

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Get ready to get spooked, as we examine the most scariest question of all times, about the very existence of the paranormal orbs. Yes, its time we face it. Do they exist or is it just our imagination? Read on...and get intrigued.

The Unknown Orbs: Mere Coincidence or an Unrealised Reality?

Many of us, mostly those with elevated sensitivity towards the realm of evil spirits experience such weirdly spooky experiences mostly at the places that are less visited or unexplored and have had grudged history of atrocities or disasters. We mostly tend to label such encounters as faulty mapping of our clever mind or presume those shadows to be mere dust molecules, camera flash errors etc.

But, are they just that or do we lack the paranormal know-how to comprehend those mysterious effects so as to reach to apt conclusions?

Anecdotal apparatuses indicate that paranormal realm does exist, but its high time we confront them, and the digital advancement is prompting us to do so. This is possible through highly sophisticated paranormal mapping tools like dual cameras and digital still photo technology capable to capture the fast moving images or orbs as they are popularly referred to as in the paranormal terminology.

Theories, religious traditions and quantum physics suggest the existence of realms and dimensions beyond our general scope of comprehension. Undoubtedly, what we perceive with our physical eyes is nothing but mere less than 10 per cent of the known universe, thanks to the not so unlimited electromagnetic spectrum. But is this enough of a theoretical framework to term the entire phenomenon of "orbs" as something paranormal and unreal?

The Orbs Phenomenon Explained

The other school of quest labels the dust of orbs as non-paranormal, and considers them to be a shortcoming in the cleanliness of the ambiance instead of the glitches in the camera, flash or videos. However, regardless of the environmental conditions, air-born particles in the air do confuse the data outcomes.

The truth is, even beyond orbs and the entire mankind, what prevails is the mother nature. So the orb scientists must understand the fact that the playground where they are carrying their experiments and attempting to produce results in a so called controlled environments, is the realm of the mother nature, even beyond the capacity of spirits.

The content that is assessed and termed as orbs is nothing but a miniscule particle of the entire gamut of games that mother nature plays every split second. Period!

Lastly, we all should understand that we are but a small renters in this planet we live in.
Instead of experimenting the contents of nature, we better toil to protect it.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
16th Mar 2014 (#)

Orbs are mysterious but I think there is something to them.

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author avatar RY
16th Mar 2014 (#)

Thanks for the comment Mr. Brown. Orbs are so weird they just leave us guessing. However, I think they're particles present in the atmosphere naturally.

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