Organic Food Advantages and Disadvantages

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A article based on the organic food advantages and disadvantages.

Organic food advantages and disadvantages

Even though there are a lot of positive things we are all aware of when it comes to organic gardening people still ask the question "what are the organic food advantages and disadvantages?". You may notice that there are still a majority of conventional farmers using conventional pesticides and toxins in their produce. The following will cover the organic food advantages and disadvantages.

First point would be the obvious difference in nutrition between the two versions of crops. Organic foods have much more minerals in them meaning they are much more nutritious. This is largely down to the fact that organic food is friendly to it's surrounding soil.

Second point would be the obvious lack of poisons and toxins inside organic food compared to more conventional crops. What is always brought up regarding organic food advantages and disadvantages is the actual taste of the food - a lot of people insist organic food is much nicer but there is just as many people who think there is no difference in taste. This really has to be down to the individual.

Believe it or not, organic foods actually keep for longer than their counterparts. You wouldn't think it with all the toxins used in the production of commercial crops but it is true. This is because organic grown plants are nourished naturally, making the structural and metabolic integrity of their cellular structure much more advanced to those conventionally grown.

When it comes to organic food advantages and disadvantages I don't really like mentioning the disadvantages. This is mainly because I am a fan of organic food. The first point would be the productivity of the crops. Whilst this is only really a concern of the big supermarkets it's still a large disadvantage. Another problem would be the weed situation prior to cultivation. What I mean by this is that with organic crops you have to weed before cultivation and this can be very, very time consuming.

Time is always going to be a factor when it comes to farming of both sets of crops - as you may think, organics fall behind on this point. Organic farming requires greater interaction between a farmer and his crop for observation, timely intervention and weed control for instance. The organic food advantages and disadvantages listed here are just a few from the organic versus conventional argument, the final choice will always be down to the individual.

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31st Jan 2012 (#)

I work at a grocery store. Most of what you say is true. People often want organic, but its never as pretty as the other, so sadly... they do not buy it when we do get it in.

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