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My husband and I were looking for a dog to keep us company during our retirement years. We found an excellent pet through our county shelter's pet adoption program.

Meet Zak Our Rescue Dog

In July of this year, my husband and I adopted a dog from our local county shelter. I had been scanning through the online mug shots of available dogs for several days, when finally, I saw one that was just too cute to bypass. He looked small and had a white coat with small black ears and black spot on the top of his head. With his cute little pug-like nose and big brown eyes, I was quickly hooked on this little guy.

The following day we made our way to the shelter to see the dog up close in order to decide if he was really the one for us. He was adorable, no question about it. But, he had very short hair and his body looked like a pug, while we were hoping for a softer looking small dog. We told the lady we would be in touch about adoption in a day or two.

That night, my husband and I pretty well talked ourselves out of adopting this Pekingese mix dog. His temperament was somewhat in question, but we realized he was not in the best situation when we first observed him at the shelter.

The next morning, I told my husband that I just couldn’t get the little dog out of my mind. He said he was having the same problem. We laughed and then made the phone call to let the shelter know we desired to adopt the little black and white Pekingese mix.

Before we could pick him up, he needed to have an umbilical hernia repair and of course, they always neuter (or spay) dogs before they can be adopted.

Finally the day came to pick up our chosen pet. He seemed to enjoy the ride home with us and once he came inside the house, he went directly to his water bowl which I had placed in the kitchen floor. He seemed to quickly adapt to his new home.

As the weeks passed we came to know and love our little Zak. It also seems that the shelter had shaved his hair very short which made him look like a Peke-Pug. Since that time, his beautiful coat has grown in and we know now that we have a Japanese Chin and not a Peke-Pug. We were quite happy with him, whatever breed he happened to be, but after reading up on the Japanese Chin, there was no question about breed. He is a very loving little guy who makes every step we do. He shadows our every move. He loves to be loved and he loves to play with his toys.

We also discovered that Zak had somewhat of a rough upbringing before arriving at our house. He exhibits defensive behaviors at certain times when he feels as if he is in a “trapped” position. We are learning to be aware of his location and also his body language. In the two months we have had Zak, he is already making progress and not being in defensive mode as often.

We are extremely happy with our rescued shelter dog, even though he does require patience and understanding and likely will for some time. The changes we’ve seen in his behavior and the love he gives us in return is well worth it. We just can’t imagine our home without Zak.

If you have opportunity to adopt a shelter dog, please do. They are wonderful pets who will provide you with years of love in return for all your efforts.


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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
26th Sep 2012 (#)

Congrats on adopting a dog and saving a life, thanks for your wonderful story of pet rescue.

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author avatar Diann Messer
27th Sep 2012 (#)

Thanks so much! We love our little Zak. We saved his life and he has added life to our years!

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author avatar Val Mills
16th Mar 2013 (#)

A wonderful story. My friend has just adopted her sick brother's dog and both dog and friend are enjoying their new life together.

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