Our Human Mind

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People often say that our mind is an amazing organ. Imagine one day we can do something unique and special with our mind.

Our Human Mind

People often say that we are only using 10% of our brain but that is not true. We are using 100% of our brain just that it does not happen all at the same time. Our brain is a wonderful organ which can do many things that we cannot imagine. Our mind is separated into three parts, the subconscious mind, the conscious mind and the higher conscious mind. Our subconscious mind is constantly at work as it take cares of breathing, blinking, etc. Conscious mind is when we are awake and we know what we are doing. The higher conscious mind is at work when we have an enlightenment about certain things in life. For those in religion, they believe that it is getting a message from god.

Our subconscious mind is really powerful. It is constantly at work therefore, when we misplaced something, our subconscious mind is able to tell us its location through our dreams. But most of us are not able to understand what our subconscious mind is telling us because it has its own way of conveying messages to us. For example, if the object is left beside a plant, we might get a clue like seeing alot of green stuffs. Our brain also contains many memories starting from the day we are born. Although we are not able to retrieve all of them because they are in our subconscious mind but try to imagine, one day, if we are able to playback our memories like a video directly from our brain, wouldn’t that be great? We are able to watch every single detail of our life over and over again. I am sure that all of us have some memories that we want to replay them over and over again. If this technology can be invented in the future, I think many people will want to get a full video of their life.

At the current stage, I have in a book that a person can be re-living their memory again when pressure is applied to a certain part of their brain. They said that they felt as though a third person was in the scene replaying everything all over again and at the same time, they are conscious that they are in a clinic doing an experiment. It shows it is possible to retrieve our memories with the help of external factors. Since our brain is an amazing organ which up till today, no one can dare say that they understand a human brain fully, I believe one day, we are able to achieve that.


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19th Apr 2011 (#)

It would be quite something if we could playback our memories....Interesting and thought provoking article...

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