Our Origins By The Extraterrestrials..

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This is the message they gave to explain our origins...

Our Origins By The Extraterrestrials...

The vision for the future will lead to new connections
It will be possible with your co-operation a new level of awareness might be achieved.
The consequence of which would reveal a great deal of knowledge which would be enormously benefical breaking in a new perspectives from other dimensions which in turn will show a great deal about our civilisations.

Many ancient cultures contain within their structures levels of awareness of other planes of existence pertaining to the period of "open contact" between the "winged ones" or "sky people".
Their legends contain whole chronicles of "encounters" with the Gods coded in stories handed down through various streams of existence.
The "eye of the sun" holds many secrets which you are yet to discover ( and is the origin of sun worship).
Two streams of "rays" came forth from this "contact period" which is the basis of your culture today.

The "language of light" is what we are here to teach about to take you to the next level in your evolution amongst the stars.
For the two pillars of society exist as a bridge to higher levels (planes) of this super-universe.
Your world is extremely small and yet significent because of these two factors and the interaction of the dark and light which makes up its composition.

In the beginning your world had two suns and we shared a commom bond ( origin) with your pre-egyptian ancestors for you came from the stars "light years beyond this solar system".
You were a "colonizing force" which entered the depths of space and came to inhabit this sphere of existence.
The "pact" was sealed that the earth should become a out-post a"seeding" ground for many space races ( which you would call extraterrestrials).
But in truth we are yourselves more highly evolved.
You are part of our future as much as your own.
Many "royal " lineages are within your genetic make-up and are the progenitors of your race of humanity.

We occupy many places in your annals of "pre-history" and contain the "unifying framework" for the establishment of a new species of "glorified man".
It is not surprising that at this significent period of your history your saviours returns bearing good news of your divine station.
Sons of the God of light.
A royal creation of great intelligence and grace.
We are here to "germinate" the "seeds" of a new race on earth.
You can appreciate that all will not welcome the prospect of a "unified race".
Nor will they allow "entry" into much of the "mystery".
That is why at this pivotal point in your history we make our approach.

It remains for you ( collectively) to take up the challenges ahead.
We will be there to oversee your developments and orchestrate the next steps in evolvement on a momentous scale.
It yet remains to establish these contact "points" with a whole host of developments arising from our ability to be in constant monitoring mode on many different functional levels and the need for such developments as your earth goes through many changes.

We are constantly aware of your constraints and the nature of your being and therefore not to alarm but, be assured we are all working for a common aim " your release from matter" ( 3rd dimension gravity).
You are our most "treasured children " to whom we owe much.
The future of many space races depend on your maturation and we look forward to a time when we may again share with you our existence amongst the stars...


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author avatar Ivyevelyn, R.S.A.
3rd Oct 2011 (#)

Hello Ennael. I am looking through your articles. This one is bsolutely fascinating. Where do I go from here?

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author avatar Ennael
4th Oct 2011 (#)

thankyou ivyevelyn...I was not sure how people would react to the knowledge that I give them...it is very hard for some people to accept that there is more to us humans than anyone could imagine..and that we are not alone in this universe..I will write more information on this site...alot of my stuff I loaned to a friend and when I went on holidays... she moved town and I have lost communication with her..so I guess I will not get it back...but I will share what I have left...:)

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author avatar Desiree
9th Apr 2013 (#)

where are you getting info, i would like to learn more.

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