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The world is divided into those who Tweet and those who are Tweeted

Out of Step

There comes a time when you realise that you are not part of the current reality.

Maybe it is when you admit you hate popular music and don't even know the names of this season's Icons.

Maybe it's when you notice you aren't dressed like everyone else and the latest drink or snack or style passes by and you just aren't interested.

Whatever it is, you suddenly realise your 'world' has moved into the mists and the Now you are living in seems to be another planet.

For me, it was my relationship to media.

It is only a Phone

When I got my cell phone I made sure I was the last person in the district. This is because there is a lot of stealing, (also called borrowing and forgetting to give back) and a lot of envy which provokes stealing (or borrowing and forgetting to give back).

I got the cheapest phone. I could make calls. I could receive calls. I could even text and receive text. That was good enough for me.

I shut it off when I went to sleep, or if I was watching or doing something I didn't want interrupted. I put it on sometime after I woke up, if I remembered.

That I would Shut off My Cell Phone was considered extremely high on the eccentric scale, and had many people questioning my sanity.

When the fancy phones came in someone gave me their pre-Blackberry thing. They had stepped up into the world of Smart Phones which keep them linked iin as if they are brain surgeons on call.

Although my cell phone actually has connectivity, I never connected it. It is a phone. It is there in case I want to make a call and receive a call (during my switched on window).

I realise

Examinging the world since January I realise I am part of another generation.
A generation who can't receive Tweets nor BlackBerry text

A Generation which is totally out of the Arab Spring and Anglo Summer.

I am part of a generation which is beyond the attention of those who have use for me, or at least my body, to flesh out their simpleton rally.

Culturally and Internationally

I assumed the CIA had a great deal of involvement in the Arab Spring.

I assumed they had a battalion of well trained intelligent and observant Anthropologists who were able to discern the proliferation of media in the Arab World, and that they, as their American, British, and Jamaican counterparts, never shut off their cell phones which were linked to the Internet.

Get everyone to 'follow' on Twitter, and nothing else was needed for a 'spontaneous' demonstrations.

This 'trick', used to topple governments in Tunisa and Egypt, cause uprisings in Syria and Yemen, and help along a civil war in Libya, has been adopted by those upon whom it has been used.

Clearly there are enough people in England who have Black Berry phones, and enough people who know how to gang text, so that riots can pop up all over England within a few minutes.

Creating Chaos is a method of guerilla war.

They have nothing to do with the murder of an unknown drug dealer. Nothing to do with racism, as the participants are of all races.

The Anglo Spring has a lot to do with proving to the West that the Arab world knows how to play the game, and can play it better.

The Caravan Passess By

Alas, whether I lived in Cairo or Clapham, I would be out of theTweet. Everyone would be grabbing their phones, getting their instructions, running off to obey, and I'd be asking;

" Where are you going? What's happening?"

And someone would say; "Oh we've been summoned to ....."
and I would ask,

"Who summoned you, why are you going..." and all those silly questions which no one would answer since they have to move quickly to join the mob.

I would sit alone, reflecting on who and what and when and why, those silly little things people no longer consider.

As the cell phone rings, Pavlov's dogs respond.


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author avatar barbara bethard
10th Aug 2011 (#)

I really hope my husband is correct kaylar and Scotland yard etc are profiling these riotors and will contain them. Much love and prayers to and for you my friend.
barbara b

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author avatar barbara bethard
10th Aug 2011 (#)

found tis in my email today/from my old and one of the supervisor! I agree with her, sometimes it comes down to just a simple prayer

2 Chronicles. 7:14 in God's Word, He states,

"If my people who are called by my name

will humble themselves and pray

and seek my face and turn from their

wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven

and will forgive their sin and heal their land."

I am convinced that we must pray for our nation and its leaders and

ask for forgiveness. So I ask you to join me in this plea to our Lord.

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author avatar kaylar
10th Aug 2011 (#)

I think they are rehearsing for the Olympics
I think an al qaeda sect set this up

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
10th Aug 2011 (#)

I dont use Twitter, my wife does, but she doesnt use Facebook and I do... so..

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author avatar kaylar
10th Aug 2011 (#)

many people set the tweets to appear on their cell. This is how one can gang spam. Put up a site; riots in london, other's become followers.

However the Brits have learned that it is the Black berry texts that are being used in England.

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