Overalls and 90's Grunge Style

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I will tell you all about how I remember grunge and the fashion in the nineties era, and also about who it all started with - Nirvana There are many versions of this style, but there are still quite a few similarities.

Essential Clothing/Accessories for 90's Grunge Look

Flannel Shirts
Doc Martens (shoes/boots)
Ripped Jeans
Baggy/Loose Jeans
Fishnets with mini skirts

My Overalls

The Grunge scene had not popped up in the mainstream yet; it was more of the "crunchy" or "granola" side of style. I thought it was perfectly okay to wear overalls that were apparently my fathers back in the seventies. These were actually "farmers" overalls, but they fit me comfortably so I didn't really care, I figured people would say something about me no matter what. I thought that I looked good, even when I paired them with the ugliest shirts. I thought the two small holes in the thigh area gave it character, gave it a more "grungy" look. Somehow, I started to wear the look without even meaning to; I followed my own strange tastes and not what other people told me I should wear. While wearing the overalls almost every day for a year, I grew out my hair and discovered "Headbanging" to the sound of Smells Like Teen Spirit by Nirvana. I also started wearing flannel shirts and learned the art of layering; this was usually paired with overalls. This was early 90's grunge, the start of it all.

Click here for video on Kurt Cobain's Grunge Look

Go to www.starplus.com for more pics and songs

Daughter of Nirvana - Francis Bean Cobain

For anyone that is unaware of Nirvana. they most likely don't know 90's grunge at all. The grunge look today is definitely cool, but to me I will always be reminded of Kurt Cobain (lead singer/guitarist for Nirvana) and Courtney Love (lead singer for Hole). They were the original grunge trendsetters.

Their daughter is now grown up into a beautiful young lady (not surprisingly) and shows off her amazing looks on video.The pale skin, dark eyes and lips, not to mention her hair (once I died my long hair all bright red) largely personifies how my friends and I looked.

Additions to Grunge

Once I was a sophmore in high school, I had redefined my whole character by the clothes I wore. I started to move away from overalls as I found my footing in thrift stores; traveling to Boston with friends to find the best. We found old leather skirts, camoflauge shirts, and army pants. My friends had the look much better than me. Ripped tights or stockings always seemed a must to have. Ripped jeans were still an important staple in my wardrobe. This was before the "goth" look, we were an earlier version complete with dark, smoky eyes and ruby red lips on our pale skin.


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