Overcoming morning alarm disturbance with a simple trick

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Alarm ring!! The most irritating of all. We finally get frustrated with it, and at the same time never wake up on time. So, here's a simple trick to help you overcome this...


1: Make sure that you are using a clock /watch/ a device that has a snooze option on it.
2: If yes, then set your alarm 30 prior to the usual fix. For example, you used to set your alarm at 6:00 AM everyday, from now, set it to 5:30 AM.
3: If possible, get onto the bed as early as possible.
4: Before going to bed, ensure that your alarm device isn't at a distance where your hand can reach. Place it a walkable distance i.e., you need to get up , walk and reach to it.


@ Morning scene---
When your alarm rings, irritates you, since you placed it at a walkable distance, you get up naturally and walk to it. During the process, you gain a little consciousness.
You can use the snooze option now and consider the snooze for 5 min. Get back to the bed.
After 5 min, the alarm rings, you naturally wake up again and walk and gain consciousness. Select the 5 min snooze again. Get back to bed once again.
You get to repeat the scene for 4-5 times. But am sure, you will gain complete consciousness, within 3 scenes., Thus, you woke up minutes prior to the usual wake up time. And today, you did it. 😄
I used the same trick and it was unbelievable that I woke up 15 min prior to the usual and could reach to work early.


1: Don't set the snooze for more than 5 min.
2: Get to the bed at night in a way that, at least you get to have six hours of sleep excluding the trick moments.

Violation of the caution above may be responsible for the failure of the trick. So, please ensure that everything is set as per the instructions mentioned above.


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Interesting post!

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