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The PCSX2™ Project is an emulation software which runs PlayStation® game/game discs on a personal computer with the use of Windows Compatible analog USB gamepads to make it playable and interactive.

Emulated Console Gaming

Console gaming had always been an evidence of technological advancement that made digital gamers more enthusiastic to crave for games that are graphically and virtually stunning, audio-wise intelligent and gameplay and storyline defined.

One of the major industries, though not pioneering but has surpassed its pioneering and demanding archrivals with developments on the digital gaming evolution is Sony Industries, Ltd. With their releases of a series of PlayStation®, a game console which physically has a deck for CD/DVD game play-on and two analog controllers. An exclusive open third party array of game makers made common titles for the console namely Tekken® Series, Onimusha®, Resident Evil®, Final Fantasy®, Kingdom Hearts® and tons of game titles more.

Competing console makers like Microsoft® XBOX™ and Nintendo® Wii™, Sony still surpasses them, a proof of a really monstrous gaming rig– the reason why a certain group of software engineers worked on Project PCSX2™.

PCSX2™ as an Open Project

PCSX2™ is an open project wherein anybody around the globe who has the know-how on software design and development could participate in the enhancement of the software. The PCSX2™ Project is an emulation software which runs PlayStation® game/game discs on a personal computer with the use of Windows Compatible analog USB gamepads to make it playable and interactive. PCSX2™ uses virtual stacking to save the PlayStation® 2™ Operating BIOS Software on a PC over a streamed kernel type readable format. There are different available BIOS’s, like with which of the Canadian and Asian Edition PlayStation® consoles could also be emulated.

Hardware Requirements

The software only takes not even a gigabyte of your NTFS hard drive, but a certainly debated downside of the emulator is that it really runs very slowly, making the graphics crawl and drag their display per time frame, this makes some of the games which requires high graphic rendering not to play and run at a normal frame rate (FPS).

The DVD Game Disc of a normal PlayStation® 2™ Console is loaded to be primarily converted to an image file (ISO) using Daemon or ISO Magic and then saved on the hard drive. The game run properties varies depending on suitable and pretested adjustments on each game. One known bug is the linear timing of the audio. It doesn’t match the frame run of the game; the audio normally goes advanced than the video. You would end up deciding to just play the game on a Sound Blasting Silent Mode. One thing about PCSX2™ is that you get the chance to master and perfect your 10 Sting Tekken 5 Combos for you would experience the game in a complete slow-mo!

Minimum requirement is a Dual-Core PC, a Gigabyte of RAM to a maximum of 4 Gigabytes for the moment you open and run a game on PCSX2™, (be sure to close all the applications in the background and terminate running processes with MSCONFIG) it would take 99% to a strenuous 100% of your processor and RAM.

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Good work. I'm am enjoying seeing your work grow young man.
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Thanks very much Denise!

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Inspiring and really revealing. I love this piece!

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