PHP Classifieds Script 101

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This article is more about PHP Classifieds Script 101

PHP Classifieds Script 101

When it comes to the various ways by which one can make money online today, one method that is still not over-exploited is the use of a classifiedadssite. The reason why this is still not over-exploited is due to the fact that a lot of people assume it must be a very hectic procedure setting up and running such a site. It is true that just a few years ago you would either have had to have done programming languages or have lots of money for a programmer. This however is no longer the case as one can simply buy or even download free PHP classified scripts. Once one has the scripts that meet their requirements, all you have to do is integrate them on your classified ads site and decide how you want to start making your money.

One of the most obvious ways of making money once your site is up and running is by taking advantage of the classified ads. There are many methods of how you can go about making money from them and it is up to you to figure out which one would be the most welcome with your visitors. For example, some sites will charge you a fee for every post you put. Others will allow you to post for free but if you want a picture to go along with your posting, you have to pay a buck or two.

Not charging people to put up their classified ads is usually one of the best ways to make sure that you have repeat business. Those who are posting on your site will keep coming back over and over again because they know that it is free to do so. This means that you will have lots of posts and when you do, clients will automatically come to look at them. The trick therefore is to how to make money. One of the most popularly opted for methods is to integrate a monetization program like AdSense onto the classified ads site. This will put adverts on your site and pay you when your visitors click on them or follow them and make a purchase.

Another method that many site owners are using is to allow people to put their classified ads for free but to charge them if they want to be featured in a specific area. For example, if there are so many adverts similar to theirs, a client has the option of paying a small fee so that their advert is pushed to the forefront where it will get more exposure. This is a very good way of monetizing a classified ads site as it takes care of the delicate balance needed to make sure traffic (both advertisers and their potential clients) keep coming and they can enjoy free services while you still make money.
So one would ask why buy these scripts if you can download them for free? The answer is pretty straight forward. They are better both in quality and number of features they provide you with. For example, the bought script may let you set your classified ads site language in 5 different languages while the free one may be only in English.


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