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Two horses were gifted to guru Hargovind, but were detained by the Mughal governor at Lahore. The horses were spirited away by Bidhi Chand and presented back to the great Guru


Bhai Bidhi Chand is an important man in Sikh history. Over a period of time many legends have been built around his name, but there is no doubt he was a very brave man. Bhai Bidhi Chand was a Hindu from the Chinna caste and was born about 40 km from Amritsar around 1550(his exact date of birth is disputed)

His early life is nondescript and he whiled away most of the time. Later as a young man he joined a gang of thieves and spent time robbing and selling the stolen property. One day he stole a buffalo from the village. The villagers were incensed as they realized that Bidhi Chand may have stolen the buffalo. They gave chase and Bidhi Chand had no option, but to hide in the cottage of a Sikh named Bhai Adali.

Conversion to Sikhism

Bhai Adali offered to save Bidhi Chand, but made a condition that he give up being a thief and join the congregation of the 5th Guru Arjun Dev. A frightened Bidhi Chand agreed and presented himself at the durbar of the 5th Guru. He became a reformed man and began to serve the Guru. After the martyrdom of the 5th guru he continued in service of the 6th guru Hargovind

. During this period he carried out a daring act for which he is remembered in Sikh history and two paintings of his exploits are on display at the Sikh museum in Amritsar.

Presentation of the Horses

It so happened that an Afghan trader who was an admirer of Guru Hargovind wished to present two thoroughbred Arabian horses named Dilbagh and Gulbagh to the 6th Guru. While bringing the horses from Kabul, the Muslim governor of Lahore seized them and kept them in the Lahore Fort.

The Afghan trader petitioned Guru Hargovind and asked that the horses be rescued so he could present them to the guru. A smiling guru asked for a volunteer and Bidhi Chand wished to be given this task. Accordingly the guru gave the task to Bidhi Chand and also blessed him.

Rescue of the First Horse

Bidhi Chand entered the Lahore fort disguised as a grass cutter. At night he drugged the guards with wine and escaped with one of the horses, by jumping over a low wall. He took the horse to the Guru, but the horse would not eat anything as it missed his companion. The guru called Bidhi Chand and told him
“ Look, this horse is not eating anything as he misses his companion. Bidhi, either you return this horse back to the governor or bring the second horse also”
The guru then suggested to Bhai Bidhi Chand that he had only done half the work and either he should complete the work as he thought fit..

The Second Horse

Bidhi Chand again entered the Lahore fort, this time disguised as a soothsayer. He promised to find where the first horse was and also how the horse was taken away. For this he requested to mount the horse as after that it will be clear how the horse was taken away. The guards readily agreed and allowed Bidhi Chand to mount the horse.
This was a fatal mistake as Bidhi Chand with a shout mounted the horse and dug in his heels and with the horse leapt over the low wall into the river Ravi, which runs by the side of the fort.

It was a daring act and soon he rode into the arms of Guru Hargovind with the second horse. Thus both the horses Dilbagh and Gulbagh were united and became part of the guru's stables.

Last Word

The tale of the bravery of Bidhi Chand is part of Sikh folklore and is generally considered authentic. He was a brave warrior for the Guru and took part in many battles before leaving for his heavenly abode in 1640. His story is also read by children in India in comic form
all photos except the last from Sikh museum


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