Paper is certainly one of the most common things in this modern world

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Paper itself has come to us from the far east where it was first used, but the word paper has come to us from the near east and different forms of the word are found in several language.

Typing letter

Every day masses of it are used; every day masses of it are burnt; and every day more or of it are made supplied to the waiting people of this world.
People always require paper and its manufactures need not bother that the demand for their products will fall off. Without paper, our modern life would, at least for time, come to a complete stand still. It is indeed to be questioned deeply, whether our modern life could ever have come about, had there been no paper or some other product of a like nature which was cheap, lasting and serviceable.

News paper

Without paper we could not make correspondence to one another. Millions of letters are written every day, some very important, and some of little importance, and they are all written on paper.
Before the use of paper, writing had first to be done by cutting the characters out of stone and later by utilizing materials which cost so much that only people like kings and army leaders could posses them.

Printing book

The common people could not write and it would have been useless, had they been able to write, because there would have been nothing on which to write. And, of course, we can see at once how impossible it would be to teach people to write, if there was no cheap material on which to write.
School and collage students are there learn and reading and writing used note books and text books. The Business people are uses paper for letters and account books.

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We can now reduce paper usage through paperless communication and e-newspaper - siva

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