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The Sallie House, located at 508 2nd Street in Atchison, Kansas has been given the appropriate label of being the most haunted house in the whole state of Kansas. It has been documented and confirmed over time as having more than nine full bodied apparitions, with a small female child known as Sallie being the most active and famous of the ghosts.

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What learning experience can you gather from a house that is incapable of keeping residents for any period of time, more specifically over a 6-month stretch? Most of the neighbors have concluded that the possible reasons for the quick evacuations are that the plumbing is bad, the electric bills are really high or that it is so haunted that nobody can get a moment of peace so that they can figure out what is really going on so they just give up and leave. In comparison, professional ghost hunters and psychic investigators claim that the events that took place in the Exorcist and the Amityville Horror cannot even begin to hold a candle to the random paranormal occurrences that possess the Sallie House on a daily basis.

The Sallie House, located at 508 2nd Street in Atchison, Kansas has been given the appropriate label of being the most haunted house in the whole state of Kansas. It has been documented and confirmed over time as having more than nine full bodied apparitions, with a small female child known as Sallie being the most active and famous of the ghosts. Due to the vast amount of interactions between Sallie and live entities, the house has become known to ghost hunters, psychic investigators and past residents as the "Sallie House" and it just may be the reason that past tenants have moved on so rapidly.

This creepy action packed house that the ghosts have made their humble abode was once the home to a prominent doctor and his family. He used the entire bottom floor for an examination and operation room, and an adjoining bedroom as his makeshift office. The family dwelled on the upper floor, making do with the small space until a larger home became available to accommodate the growing family. According to one legend the first haunting began around 1906 after a small girl named Sallie was brought to the doctor for a severe stomach ache. He determined that she was suffering from appendicitis, but Sallie panicked and refused to hold still which resulted in her passing on the operating table before the doctor could prepare her six-year old body for surgery.

Sallie's ghost has remained at the house throughout time, and for whatever reason a host of other spirits have followed her here and remained with the young girl. The more dominant and darker spirits appear to zone in on the males living in the house and warn them to leave through direct contact from scratches to their bodies. Animals act in a disturbing nature by barking and howling at unseen forces that peak their investigative make-up. Each tenant has dealt with the contents of their home being turned upside down, and objects are often misplaced or just plain come up missing.

EVP's and video have detected that the children and babies of past residents have had a host of ghost children entertaining them through various sources from silly pranks to toys being levitated and moving around the room. The children's bizarre giggles could distinctively be heard through the equipment set up in the room by the experts, and not always was it the live children that they were listening to on playback. These malevolent disturbances didn't go unnoticed by the media, and programs from Unsolved Mysteries, to Sightings and the made for television movie aptly named Haunted Heartland quickly aired the Kansas haunting in full detail, leaving nothing out and giving viewers the hard core facts on the evil and harmful influences that bombarded a city home that is anything but quaint.

Past investigations that dove deep into the history of the house came back with some interesting evidence. In fact some of the proof has been caught directly on video, and leaves little to debunk the fact that the Sallie House is indeed haunted and possesses many active spirits, manifestations, ghosts, orbs, poltergeists, demons, and other dark entities and apparitions that appear to not want anyone invading their space, least of all the living ones. Men seem to be the target when it comes to violent scratches that leave a mark, and a team of male investigators hoping that the spirits would act up on cue got exactly what they were looking for.

This story of a house located in the heart of Kansas falls into a category all on its own due to the fact that every tenant that has tried to make a home of the residence on 2nd Street has felt that their very sanity was in question had they remained living there. The voices of men, women and children have all been captured by EVP's, and loud knocking, thumps, and other indescribable noises are a constant source of irritation to anyone seeking a quiet evening at home. This house does not allow for it, and according to the proof that has been uncovered by a multitude of sources, it never will. Some people have accused that the hauntings are nothing more than a hoax, but hundreds of people that have witnessed the spirits and actions coming from these over active and ornery apparitions with their own eyes will tell you that they are dead wrong and that something is desperately off course with this small house that sits on the bluffs of the Missouri River.

The first haunting recorded was of a small girl known as Sallie, and later developed into something so big that outside help was eventually needed to uncover the secrets of why the house draws in entities like flies to a piece of rotten fruit. Many have speculated that is a direct open door leading those from the other side to come in and make their self at home. Unfortunately these ghosts do not want to share the house with those that are living and capable of breathing life into the place, and for anyone who is confused about the things that are unexplainable it is best that you stay far away from this place of unsettling happenings that will make you into a believer of things that go bump in the night.

Every documented investigation to date has reaped some sort of proof that this home is in fact uninhabitable, and during one paranormal investigation lead by popular Canadian psychic, Robbie Thomas, who in the past has found numerous dead bodies for law enforcement agencies, and Michael Esposito, a specialist in electronic voice phenomena, found dramatic results that were deeply unsettling and can be viewed on the DVD aptly named The Sallie House. For more information go to: or you can see firsthand accounts on the movie, The Sallie House Haunting, A True Story from past resident Debra Pickman at:

Sallie House Tours: This highly popular self-guided haunted tour through Kansas' most haunted house allows you to dig deep and study hard while exploring at your own pace. There is no time limit, so enjoy the ride that some people describe as a nightmare adventure into the other side as Sallie demonstrates what her bloody vengeance does to any man that dares to cross the threshold might possibly experience. For more information go to:


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