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The retreat by the ocean that offers panoramic views, tranquility, charm, and paranormal activity.

The Ghosts of the Addy Sea Bed & Breakfast

No invitation is needed to stay at one of Delaware's most elegant and haunted treasures that sits nestled next to the vibrant Atlantic waterfront. The Addy Sea Bed & Breakfast and her ghosts are always ready to entertain and they always welcome you to come in, pamper yourself a bit, relax and stay awhile. Built in 1902, the Addy Sea Bed & Breakfast is considered a famous landmark and it is one of the most haunted hotels in Delaware. The historical mansion is located in the prominent town of Bethany Beach, Delaware, and is nothing short of an exquisite beach stunner that was once the home of John Addy and his family, but is now a Victorian bed & breakfast that offer's panoramic views of the ocean, awe-inspiring architecture and first-rate hospitality.

There are thirteen beautifully decorated guestrooms available at the inn with three of them being actively haunted. Visitors who wish to occupy the rooms that come complete with paranormal activity, free of charge, should request room #1, located on the second floor, southside or room #6, located on the second floor, northside, and the third floor favorite is room #11, located on the northside, which gives guests the most visual ghostly experience that they can imagine. The perks that come with renting the rooms with active spirits include views of the ocean and unique entertainment that will keep you on your toes. Guests who partake in bubble baths in room #1 are usually interrupted by intermittent shaking coming from John Addy's Victorian copper bathtub; at least this is what is reported by hundreds of visitors each year that stay in the haunted room. Flickering lights and other mechanical issues tend to show up during this time, heightening the current paranormal activity and sending some guests into a bit of a tizzy.

The ghost of former handyman, Paul Delaney has been witnessed by many guests strolling through the halls as if he were on a mission, and then he simply vanishes into thin air. The deceased and dedicated employee of the prosperous Addy family also visits room #11 on a regular basis, possibly still attempting to see to the needs of Mr. Addy. Kurty Addy fell to his death from the roof sometime in the early 1900s. Today his foot-steps can still be heard walking along the roof. The ghost of Kurty likes to surprise guests by displaying his obituary in various locations throughout the inn. Several other apparitions have been spotted walking the halls late at night; some disappear into the walls only to reappear at other locations within the bed & breakfast. Organ music can be heard coming from room #6 despite there being no organ in the room. The sweet aroma of perfume can be detected throughout the Victorian dwelling even though there is no reasonable answer as to why as it typically occurs in the presence of male guests visiting the inn.

The Addy Sea Bed & Breakfast is a delicately dressed lady embellished with quaint gingerbread trim that welcomes travelers to come in for a closer look from the nearby boardwalk . Her interior is filled with period antiques and relics from an era that exhibited fine china, English silver and eloquent artifacts that are an absolute delight, giving the viewer a new appreciation of beauty. Despite the spirited activity, the Victorian Bed & Breakfast treat's guests to freshly baked muffins and afternoon tea, allowing for visitors to do nothing more then take in the fresh sea breezes from a rocking chair housed on the adjoining veranda while enjoying a journey into a refreshed state of mind.

Restoration to the Addy Sea Bed & Breakfast, along with several different owners has lead to some speculation as to who and why the ghost's may be that live on the property and call the inn home. The Gravatte family has owned and managed the Victorian Bed & Breakfast for the past three decades. They are dedicated to keeping the Addy Sea original, but the ghosts insist upon shaking things up a bit, possibly due to mistaking it for their original humble abode. The Addy Sea offers a tranquil setting with light ocean sounds that allow you to drift into a peaceful slumber. Relaxation, clarity and paranormal activity make this Victorian inn the unique lady that she is today.

Haunted Guestrooms: Room #6, $150.00 from November 1 thru February 28. $200.00 from March 1 thru April 30. $300.00 from September 6 thru June 30 and $ 375.00 from July 1 thru September 5. Rooms #1 & #11, $125.00 from November 1 thru February 28. $275.00 from September 6 thru June 30 and $325.00 from July 1 thru September 5.

Full Gourmet Breakfast: pastries, muffins, eggs, bacon, sausage, fresh fruit, French toast, waffles and juice.

Summer Saturday Special: Wine & cheese gathering.

Yoga: 7:00 am at the Addy Sea lawn. Cost: $10.00.

2015 Weddings: Nothing could be a more beautiful setting then a ceremony next to the beach. Saturdays are a popular day at the Addy Sea for weddings, and if you are after elegance and romance, look no further than the romantic inn for Victorian charm and romance for your special day when you choose the Victorian Bed & Breakfast. Price: $4,800. Contact the wedding coordinator, Maggie Verts to discuss a May, June, September, or October wedding at the Addy Sea by calling 302-539-3707.

Writer's Retreat/Writing by the Sea: The Addy Sea Bed & Breakfast invite's writers to find their voice while basking in a peaceful setting. The relaxed environment allows writers to share their stories while findind the clarity that they seek when life becomes hectic and all too consuming. Date: October 25-30 from 10:00-1:00. Cost: $295.00/$99.00 per night. Registration: contact Margaret Foster at: 410-404-6538

Location: 99 Ocean View Parkway, Bethany Beach, Delaware 19930 Phone: 302-539-3707 or 800-418-6764


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Sherri, as always your work is such a delight for me. I enjoy reading all of your articles. How anyone could not believe in ghosts after reading your ghost reviews from around the country I just don't know. You have a gift for writing these reviews.

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