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The Boston Commons is well known for being haunted since public hangings were held there regularly up until 1817, and there have been many reports of ghostly sightings over the years. A small cemetery nearby has been reported as having three different spirits, the most predominant one being that of a young woman dressed in black, appearing lost, who disappears when approached

Tour the Haunted Freedom Trail, Beacon Hill & the Boston Commons

Boston, Massachusetts is known for having an economy that thrives on research, education, health care, technology, and social character. It is also one of the oldest and wealthiest cities in the United States. The city was founded in 1630 and was dubbed the "city on the hill," along with many other nicknames throughout the years. Boston has also been referred to as Beantown, due to its popularity of the molasses rich Boston Baked beans that are a tradition to the people who are natives of the area. Boston is extremely rich in culture, natural resources and a history made solid by the first Native Americans, explorers, and Puritans that set foot on her rich soil.

The original settlers fell in love with the islands of Boston Harbor, and many refused to leave even after their deaths which is why Boston may be known for many of it's famous haunting's to this day. Many of these ghosts have been reported at various locations throughout the city, as rumors of sightings never seem to end. In fact the ghosts of Boston have become so popular that the city offers an actual ghost tour so that anyone brave enough to meet the folklore and local legends head on can get that hair raising experience up close and personal.

The Boston Commons are well known for being haunted since public hangings were held there regularly up until 1817, and there have been many reports of ghostly sightings over the years. A small cemetery nearby has been reported as having three different spirits, the most predominant one being that of a young woman dressed in black, appearing lost, who disappears when approached. The most widely witnessed apparitions seen at the Boston Commons is that of two female spirits dressed in nineteenth century Edwardian tea attire, walking arm in arm, smiling at passerby's, but quickly vanishing when approached.

The Boston Gardens carries several legends and spirits within its eerily beautiful interior. Many visitors and locals claim to have seen spirits playing cards and the legendary Paul Revere with his horse, while others claim to have entered a time warp of sorts when entering the garden at night. In 1897, an underground gas explosion killed ten people at the Boylston Street stop on the Green Line subway. The countries oldest abandoned subway is literally brimming with ghostly activity that has drawn in ghost hunters from every corner of the United States in an effort to get documented proof of paranormal activity.

The Omni Parker House on Tremont Street in downtown Boston is not only prestigious, but it is haunted. The original owner, Harvey Parker has been spotted frolicking in the halls, walking through walls, and guests have reported him standing at the foot of their bed. Room 303 has had the most documented encounters by far as unexplained laughter and talking can be heard by visitors, and the stench of cigar smoke wafts through the air. Unexplained fires and lit cigarettes have been found in the room just just in time before any serious damages occurred. Room 303 has since been turned into a closet due to too many reports from guests complaining about irritating disturbances. The history of the Omni is sketchy, but it is known that a man killed himself at the Omni in 1949, and that five students were accidentally killed in a prank in 1770 on the Parker House land.

Sitting in Boston's Back Bay on Beacon Street is the Charles gate Hotel, built in 1891 by John Pickering Putnam; his architectural influence was derived from his interest in Nationalism. Frequented by the wealthy until the 1920's, the Charlesgate quickly became a boarding house for ladies of the night and it was linked to the Mafia. The Hotel is now filled with multiple condominiums complete with visitors from the other side. Apparitions in the form of Flappers have been spotted by several dozen workman and visitors, and the basement, once a stable has had quite a few sightings of ghost horses.

The Emerson Majestic Theatre, built in 1903 has been noted for being one of the most haunted theatres in the district. The unused balcony is haunted by a couple with a child dressed in turn of the century clothing, and a seat in the audience is often frequented by a ghostly Mayor that died during a performance in the theatre. Playwright Eugene O'Neill lived in Suite 401 at the Boston University in Shelton Hall, and in 1953 he died there. He was said to have lived a torturous life and acted out his suffering through his plays. O'Neill has been seen by many students as he haunts the floor that is now reserved for students majoring in writing.

The sign over the entrance to the 164-year-old John Stone's Inn claims it offers "spirits, food and lodging," but it is not until you see Captain John Stone's picture staring down from above the bar, that you know about which kind of spirits they are talking about. For starters, the spirit of a 10-year-old girl is often reported staring out a window in a storage room near the kitchen, and an invisible intruder enjoys putting his hands around the necks of customers in the dining room.

Several employees have felt an unseen presence tapping them on the shoulder or holding their hands under the ice when they try to fill buckets. Other unexplained occurrences include glasses flying across the dining room, cups falling off shelves for no reason, and mysterious $10 bills materializing in a tip jar. In 1984, investigators held two televised séances in an upstairs lounge in front of 150 witnesses. They claimed to have contacted the spirits of the little girl, a female innkeeper, and Captain John Stone. The Inn is located in Ashland, Massachusetts, just 25 miles from Boston, but worthy of mentioning considering the frequency of ghostly sightings by guests.

Lt. Andrew Lanier was confined to the Fort Warren prison on George's Island in the Boston Harbor during the civil war. His wife attempted to help her husband escape, only to be caught by guards. Lt. Lanier was killed immediately, and his wife was sentenced to be hanged. She wore a black dress on the day of her hanging, and can still be seen walking the island late at night in her black attire. Many visitors also report hearing gunshots, crying, screaming, and moaning from unknown sources.

Boston's architectural treasures include beautiful brownstones adorned by picturesque cobblestone lined streets. Ornate gas-lit street lamps light the way in quaint neighborhoods like Beacon Hill and Charles Street. It is a charming sight to see and one cobblestone lane that lay between Willow and Cedar on Beacon Hill is not only the most photographed street in America, but also perhaps the most haunted. Numerous stories about sightings of ghostly figures in civil war attire and turn of the century garb have been told over the years by locals and tourists.

A two and a half mile walk through Freedom Trail invite ghost seekers to enjoy sixteen historic sites by conveniently following a red trail starting from the Boston Commons and ending by crossing the Charles River to the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown. The colorful tour of Boston's history includes storytellers, three burial grounds, churches, Massachusetts State House, the Boston Massacre site, and the Paul Revere House, along with other monuments. Samuel Adams, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and the victims of the Boston Massacre are all buried at the Granary Burying Grounds found along the Freedom Trail.

Many visitors have reported ghostly sightings along the trail as well as pockets of cold air, and other strange unexplained events. It is not uncommon to have an extra person that you did not know about show up in photos. However, they do not appear as colorful as your friends and family members. The many spirits that have been witnessed along the trail appear to be dressed in everything from period clothing to Edwardian finery, and civil war uniforms. These entities from another era greet visitors in a friendly fashion, often by smiling or nodding at the tour guests, but quickly vanish if approached.


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