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Galveston is home to many haunted locations and the ghosts continue to dwell in what is considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the nation. The Travel Channel has featured many of these haunted sites on their show “America’s Best Ghost Stories” and the Discovery Channel has researched the haunted city due to its deep, hard to ignore paranormal significance.

A City with Paranormal Significance & Supernatural Events

Galveston, Texas, the location of one of the deadliest storms in the United States and one of the best destinations for haunted travel. October is fast approaching, and the time for dark shadows and things that go bump in the night is almost here. Galveston is home to many haunted locations and the ghosts continue to dwell in what is considered to be one of the most haunted cities in the nation. The Travel Channel has featured many of these haunted sites on their show “America’s Best Ghost Stories” and the Discovery Channel has researched the haunted city due to its deep, hard to ignore paranormal significance.

The Haunted Mayfield Mansion

Built in 1867, the grand, historical building was temporarily habituated as a makeshift morgue, literally out of necessity, due to severe circumstances that occurred after a deadly storm ripped through the community in 1900, killing 8,000 people in its path of destruction. Today the 12-room Victorian mansion serves as a haunted year-round venue where zombies and other fictional characters team up with the hundreds of real lost souls that roam the mansion, giving thrill seekers a themed performance with supernatural effects that are both real and imagined. Mummies rising from their grave, orbs, ghost sightings, dark shadows and other unexplained phenomenon are continuously reported to the establishment by ghost hunters, psychics and unsuspecting guests. Cameras work double time capturing strange images of apparitions and the sensation of being watched pairs up with an overwhelming feeling of dread that lingers and follows you out the door. *Operates Year Round* Location: 2313 Harborside Drive. For more information, go to:

The Haunted & Historic Galvez Hotel

If you happen to be visiting Galveston and you are into the paranormal, then you might as well stay at one of the most haunted hotels in the city. The Galvez Hotel was constructed in 1911, and has been referred to as the “Playground of the Southwest” due to the wealthy and famous guests that have graced the historical building over time. Notable guests that have stayed at haunted and historic Galvez include Presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Lyndon B. Johnson, General Douglas MacArthur, Frank Sinatra, Howard Hughes and Jimmy Stewart.

Room 505, also referred to as the “haunted room”, is one of the most requested rooms when it comes to ghost hunters and thrill seekers. The room is visually haunted by the “Lovelorn Lady” who hung herself after receiving the dreadful news that her fiancé’s ship sunk just off the coast of Florida. The ladies’ room, located in the downstairs lobby is a known hotbed of paranormal activity with everything from dark shadows to running water, disembodied voices, shaking stalls and the strong scent of gardenia’s wafting through the room along with a severe cold chill. A local paranormal team was asked to come in and investigate the rumors of ghosts roaming the hallways and other unexplained activity. The investigation came back with evidence that was both disturbing and very real. They captured apparitions, orbs, and ectoplasm on digital cameras, picked up voices and witnessed firsthand, disembodied footsteps, slamming doors and a host of paranormal activity that lasted for throughout the night. Location: 2024 Seawall Boulevard, Galveston Island, Texas

The Haunted Ashton Villa Mansion

James and his beautiful daughter, Bettie Brown adored their grand three-story palace-style residence so much that they have remained with the property even after their deaths. Mr. Brown, a wealthy hardware executive began building his masterpiece in 1858 and finished the mansion just one year later. No detail was overlooked and great care was taken to embellish the mansion with only the finest materials. The grand stairway leading to each floor was nothing short of a showstopper and the grand scale of the mansion mimicked that of a royal Italianate showplace for entertaining family and close friends. The villa was later used during the Civil War as a makeshift hospital to house wounded Confederate soldiers.

The formal livingroom, also known as the Gold Room was the choice of locations in the residence by Bettie to visit with gentlemen suitors that came calling. Many of the town’s men adored Bettie, but the free willed young woman preferred to spend her days shopping and traveling, and in the evening, she attended one party after another, attending each affair with a different beau by her side. Today Bettie’s ghost has been seen in the Golden Room and her presence is almost always felt throughout the mansion. Her voice can be heard asking for Harrison, the only man that held her true affections, and furniture is often found moved despite nobody touching it. The clocks in the mansion are known to stop on their own accord. Tours are no longer held at the mansion, but private events can be booked at the haunted residence by contacting the Galveston Island Visitor Information Center. Location: 2328 Broadway, Galveston, Texas.

October 31 at the Ashton Villa brings one-hundred guests together for a scripted Murder-Mystery dinner & deception. Reservations are necessary. The dinner is $80.00 per person. To purchase tickets for these events or to view the roster, go to:

Ghost Tours & Haunted Destinations with Dash Beardsley

Paranormal expert, Dash Beardsley, offers visitors a dark tour that leads behind the scenes of some the most haunted cemeteries, neighborhoods and structures that Galveston possesses. Dash combines history, accounts from local residents and researched evidence into an experience like no other. There are no cheesy costumes or trickery. This tour is the real deal, and it will give you chills bone deep. Paranormal investigators, thrill seekers and history buffs will al enjoy accounts that have formed Galveston into one of the most haunted cities in the nation. There are several unique tours available for all interests. For more information, go to:

Cemetery & Paranormal Tours at the Galveston Historical Foundation

Visitors to the area who enjoy history and paranormal activity all in one can choose from a variety of tours that offer walks through the historical district where mansions embellish the beautiful southwestern city. Cemetery and harbor tours are among the featured sites to visit if you enjoy supernatural occurrences, and there is a host of activities and events for children and adults.


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Spooky, Sherri! Full of interesting phenomena and events, as always.

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Sherri, great writing as always. These sites would be too scary for me but as you know I love reading about them.

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It is so amazingly you described your experience that I am able to visualize here in India each bit of piece you explained ..Thank you so much for details

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