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Lighthouses are amazing structures that possess a magical effect that attracts you in due to their appealing nature and peaceful setting. Several of these coastal beacons, still standing today are hundreds of years old and abundant with maritime stories, often hidden deep within its navigational history. The stories are more than likely stemmed around haunting tales of love, foreboding, a hard life at sea, and much too often, disaster.

Pemaquid Point Lighthouse, Bristol, Maine

Just 30-minutes from Damariscotta on route 130, proudly nestled along the bay, high on the rocks along the shore in picturesque Bristol, Maine, visitors will discover the mysterious and haunted New England lighthouse that just happens to be featured on Maine’s state quarter. The Pemaquid Point Lighthouse and the keeper’s house are perched at the entrance to Muscongus Bay and John Bay in the fishing and resort town that is not only charming, but is also filled with historical touches just about everywhere you look. Paranormal investigations conducted at the lighthouse always come back with the results that the lighthouse is in fact haunted. The lights magically turn on in the unoccupied lighthouse, unexplained noises and slamming doors in the caretaker’s house, keep guests constantly on high alert. A ghost woman, soaked to the bone and shivering, donning a red cloak has been seen walking around the property, possibly a victim of a historic shipwreck from centuries ago. The history of the lighthouse comes with a sorted and distressing past that includes several deaths by drowning and shipwrecks. K-II meters, night vision cameras, and video recorders all show paranormal activity. Location: Pemaquid Point Road, Bristol, Maine.

Heceta Head Lighthouse, Yachats, Oregon

Located in Yachats, Oregon, just one-mile from the Sea Lion Caves, you will discover the beautiful and haunted Heceta Head Lighthouse, Bed & Breakfast. The Victorian style “beacon in the night” dates back to 1893, and just happens to be surrounded by natural attractions and historical points of interest. Paranormal activity has long been a part of the lighthouse, from full-bodied apparitions to a flowing black skirt that transports eerily up and down the stairway. The ghost caretaker is known to all by the name of Rue, and she came into being during renovations of the building. The ghost woman appears to be doing her chores around the lighthouse and is a bit fussy, but harmless. In fact, the Heceta Head is often viewed by those that have the pleasure of admiring its charming and stoic calm as one of the most beautiful lighthouses existing today. It offers panoramic views of the Pacific Ocean as it sits high up on a cliff. Guests of the lighthouse are treated to elegant rooms decorated with period furniture. The lighthouse has a reputation for being so inspirational that it has led to life changing events, namely, thousands of marriage proposals. Location: 92072 Highway 101 South, Yachats, Oregon.

Block Island Southeast Lighthouse, New Shoreham, Rhode Island

Considered one of the most haunted lighthouses in New England, the Block Island Southeast Lighthouse is the place to visit if you enjoy phantom pirate ships, strange vibes, unexplained phenomenon, and the ghost of a woman that was murdered by her husband. The angry ghost bangs pots & pans, moves objects, sometimes shaking them violently, and she has been known to lock men into closets. The irritable ghost once scared a lighthouse keeper so badly that he jumped out of bed in his underwear, and ran out of the lighted tower, only to discover that he was locked out of his quarters. Shivering and frightened, he was forced to call the Coast Guard to the island so that they could reopen the lighthouse. Location: Mohegan Bluffs, Block Island, by ferry, the lighthouse is accessible from Point Judith, Rhode Island.

Saginaw River Lighthouse, Bay City, Michigan

Residual hauntings are one of the saddest, because it reflects the energy that was used repeatedly, and the staircase of a lighthouse is a prime example of one of the most active hotspots for spirits to linger. The haunted Saginaw River Lighthouse in Bay City, Michigan has a classic case of a residual haunting that is more than likely a past lighthouse keeper continuing to do his job. A flurry of ghost sightings and reports of strange activity has flooded in ever since the late 1800s, when the Coast Guard arrived and improved a lackluster system that catered to larger vessels entering the channel. The sound of heavy boots are heard resonating on the iron stairway even when unoccupied. Strange lights have been detected by passing ships and unexplained noises from the top of the lighthouse have scared work crews and spectators into leaving the haunted tower. Location: Bangor Township, Bay City, Michigan.


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author avatar Retired
25th Aug 2014 (#)

How I love lighthouses. They are magical, as you say. Some seem haunted, even without a history. Lovely piece, Sherri!

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author avatar Margaret Michel
26th Aug 2014 (#)

Another interesting piece! Thanks!

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author avatar Retired
25th Sep 2014 (#)

Such fun info! Thanks for sharing. And I loved the story of the ghost woman in the Oregon lighthouse. Wish a ghost would come and clean my house for me! :)

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
1st Oct 2014 (#)

Sherri, great article as always! I love lighthouses. I felt sorry for the lighthouse keeper that got locked out of the lighthouse. He must have been really scared. That would have finished me off.I would have found a new job. I loved the picture.

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