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Historic Jonesborough is not only haunted, it is one of the states more historical towns due to its age. Nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains, the history and ghost tales go back deep into the eighteenth century, and ghost tours are a popular part of the town’s charisma. Many of the ghosts that walk the town today are believed to be the victims of the Cholera epidemic.

The Oldest, Most Haunted & Historical Town in East Tennessee

Welcome to Jonesborough, Tennessee, the oldest town in the state, and one of the top ten most haunted towns in the United States, according to the ghost sightings and the continuous flux of paranormal activity that keeps the residents on their toes. Historic Jonesborough is not only haunted, it is one of the states more historical towns due to its age. Nestled deep in the Appalachian Mountains, the history and ghost tales go back deep into the eighteenth century, and ghost tours are a popular part of the town’s charisma. Many of the ghosts that walk the town today are believed to be the victims of the Cholera epidemic that affected sixty percent of the citizens who contracted the disease during an outbreak that started in 1873.

The Ghost-Riddled Chester Inn Museum

Built in 1797, the historic Chester Inn Museum is the place to visit if you enjoy orbs, apparitions, ghosts, and unexplained phenomenon. History and paranormal activity flow together in the antique building, making it appear as if it is all a part of the exhibit. The inn once housed President Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson and James K. Polk. The trio dined together during a reception on the upper balcony, and it is the location where Andrew Jackson was once threatened with tar and feathering. The Chester Inn Museum is included on the list of places representing the National Storytelling Festival held the first weekend in October. The event draws in crowds of over 10,000 annually and it has been recognized by USA Today as the “leading event of its kind” in America. Location: 116 West Main Street.

Paranormal Tours with the East Tennessee Ghost Tours/Paranormal Technology

Accounts of ghostly and nostalgic tales flood Jonesborough’s grapevine, and the spooky vibe of the town is accepted by the locals who share stories of the paranormal with visitors who just happen to be passing through. Curiosity quickly takes over and those intrigued by ghosts find themselves drawn to the office of the town’s own paranormal investigators, Kathy Shepard and Robb Phillips, who set up shop in the historical downtown, give tours and take their work very seriously. The East Tennessee Ghost Tours/Paranormal Technology office is located at 111 E. Main Street, and they leave nothing to surprise or imagination. A board filled with haunted destinations and vivid images of dark figures and apparitions hang on the wall as a reminder of why they are there. People are fascinated by what they do not understand and are usually eager to find out more about the other side.

Paranormal investigator, Robb Phillips say’s he loves to help people and has even went as far as casting demons out of the local church. Kathy Shepard has heard a ghost horse galloping down Main Street, and many of the resident’s claim that they have seen Andrew Jackson on the ghost horse. Pictures of ghosts and apparitions are continuely snapped and shown as proof to the town’s allegations that they are in fact ghost-riddled to the max. The paranormal team of Phillips and Shepard will be featured on the Destination America Channel series, “A Haunting,” with their first episode airing Sunday, Aug. 24, at 10 p.m. For information on tours or hours of operation, go to:

Historic Haunted Homes & One of the Most Haunted Log Cabins in the U.S.

There is no question that the state of Tennessee was completely split during one of the bloodiest battles to date between Union and Confederate soldiers The Civil War witnessed families ripped apart, with father’s fighting against their sons, brother against brother, and a long list of diseases infections, wounds and excruciating deaths, often from emergency amputations. Many of the historic homes in Jonesborough housed the soldiers, including the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson who came to the town in 1788 and stayed for five months in a log home owned by Christopher Taylor. The log cabin has been restored and now sits in the historical downtown area for all to see and enjoy. The cabin is no stranger to paranormal activity, and the ghost of Andrew Jackson has been seen at the cabin by hundreds of passerbys. These and other ghost sightings are reported regularly, and because of the evidence caught on film and the documented firsthand accounts of paranormal activity, it is considered to be one of the most haunted buildings in America.

A Mischievous Ghost Play's Pranks at the Olde Courthouse Diner

The Olde Courthouse Diner is not only home to the best burgers in town; it is home to one of the most mischievous ghosts in Jonesborough. Owner Lance Davis claims that late at night when everyone has gone home, a loud crash from another room offers a reminder that someone or something is there with you. After inspecting the cause of the noise, he typically finds the object lying on the floor with no apparent reason as to why it is there other then a ghost messing around. Employee, Opal Pagan refers to the ghost as George and says that the invisible prankster has gone as far as pushing her. They believe that a bullet hole that penetrated the structure’s front window five decades before, when it was a bondsman office might be the underlying clue as to what happened to George. The diner has outstanding reviews for excellent service, great food and a friendly staff. Location: 109 Courthouse Square


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22nd Aug 2014 (#)

This seems the place to be if you want a haunting and riveting ghost experience.

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Sherri, great article as always. I love reading about these hauntings.

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Some ghosts are capable of creating towns and villages as splendidly as those of devas, and assumed themselves the forms of male and female devas, or humans. Don't be deceived.

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23rd Aug 2014 (#)

I have been reading your paranormal travel articles for a year now and they still get to me.. lol

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Nice work I may have to go check that place out. Its not too far from me.

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