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The Writers Place has been home to several businesses through the years. Along the way, several ghosts have made it their home. The most notable resident is a ghost known as Clara who comes off as being in a tormented state. She is believed to be one of the working girls from the brothel era. She enjoys following people around, but she is considered friendly in nature.

The Haunted Writer's Place, The Past's Red Light District of the Midwest

There is a certain spirited allure to those unregulated cathouses that were once known as brothels and bordellos; at least it would seem that way to those that have refused to pass over, and are still creeping around in the afterlife hunting for the guilty pleasures these places once offered. These establishments for whatever reason have an aura that just naturally attracts unsavory characters that are both alive, and those who were unfortunate enough to have managed to have met an untimely demise.

Women dedicated to prostitution and cheap perfume were once permanent residents of the notorious stone mansion at 3607 Pennsylvania, now currently the home of The Writers Place, and for good reason, it was at one time one of the hottest cathouses located in the heart of Kansas City. The charming 3-story limestone mansion hosts a whole cast of characters long gone, but still searching for booze filled nights, easy money, and cheap perfume with strong aroma's that have managed to survive the test of time.

There is no denying that the century old Gothic style mansion in the old Valentine neighborhood is clearly haunted. You do not always immediately detect the presence of a ghost, but quite often the cheap perfume sneak attacks your nostrils, and you know that you have been graced by one of the many ladies of the night. You cannot deny that the mansion offers charm, but you also cannot bypass the startling image of one of the ghostly working girls that playfully appears right in front of you, but in no way are these spirited ladies ready to do manual labor.

The red light district was a backdrop for many colorful people and images including married men looking for outside pacifiers from their mundane marriages, crime bosses, adult theaters, strip clubs, and other forms of adult entertainment. All powerful forces to reckon with, and with this activity came jealousy, rage, and unsavory activities that led to the eventual closing of the cathouse. Some of these past frequent visitors to the brothel, now known as The Writers Place are found to be still roaming the rooms of the stone mansion.

The Writers Place has been home to several other businesses through the years, including a fundamentalist church, and for many years it was a private home. The most notable resident is a ghost known as Clara who comes off as being in a tormented state. She is believed to be one of the working girls from the brothel era, and she enjoys following visitors up and down the stairs. Renowned psychic and former host of the public-access TV show Psychic Voyages David Schneider visited with the ghost of Clara during a séance and maintained that she is an active spirit with no intentions of leaving the stone mansion any time soon.

Many employees throughout the years have stated that they felt a presence watching them. Some have been touched lightly, and many have personally witnessed various male and female entities in period clothing flowing through the halls and showing up just after nightfall. Noises are commonplace, and with no explanation as to where they came from. The tell-all smell of cheap perfume is often hard to ignore, and at times overpower a whole room.

The Writers Place has been featured in many magazines and articles throughout the years, and is now best known and loved for the romantic setting and intrigue that can't be missed once you enter this architectural beauty. It is a haven for readers and writers to gather, discuss, lecture and celebrate the art of the spoken word. A second floor library and first floor workshop draws scribes in from all over, and their mission of promoting literacy to diverse communities has formed a strong bond for those who love poetry readings, creating, performance art, book signings, editing, designing and writing.

Kansas City, Missouri easily falls at the top of the charts when it comes to beautiful architecture and a haunted history. The city offers visitor's views of spectacular fountains dating back some 300 years, and they are virtually everywhere you look. In fact Kansas City ranks a mere second in the world to Rome, Italy when it comes to the amount fountains erected throughout the city. Kansas City also hosts a large supply of haunted cemeteries, restaurants, hotels, houses, and other buildings from theaters to the Union Train Station.

Location: The Writers Place, 3607 Pennsylvania, Kansas City, MO 64111

Phone: (816) 753-1090


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