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The nostalgic hotel offers 17 highly spirited rooms decorated in Victorian style railroad décor that comes complete with several friendly ghosts that playfully slam doors, shake beds, and randomly flicker the lights.

Nostalgia and Active Ghosts at the Haunted R & R Station Inn

If you love paranormal activity that allows you to scare yourself to sleep, then look no further than the R & R Station Family Restaurant & Inn where a few of the more mischievous customers checked in over one hundred years ago and simply made the decision to remain at the inn as permanent non-paying guests. The nostalgic hotel offers 17 highly spirited rooms decorated in Victorian style railroad décor that comes complete with several friendly ghosts that playfully slam doors, shake beds, and randomly flicker the lights. Located in Westmoreland County in the historical borough of Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, the R & R Station Family Restaurant & Inn embraces the past and invites you to do the same.

The haunted inn was built by an ambitious fur and tobacco trader in 1883 to accommodate passengers of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The new owners immediately took notice of the strange things happening at the inn soon after they bought the unique establishment. One of the first things that they noticed was that things would disappear and then later reappear. Loud footsteps are heard throughout the inn even when no one else is there and it is common to hear children laughing and bouncing a ball in the upstairs part of the inn. Pots and pans seem to have a mind of their own and quite often fly off of the racks. The paranormal activity at the inn was quite literally making the new owners crazy and they began thinking that they were losing their minds. They realized that they needed to get a handle on things and contacted a group of paranormal investigators who later confirmed their suspicions that the R & R is in fact haunted.

Psychic Dolores Martell and a team of investigators from the Pennsylvania Researchers Organization, armed with dousing rods, two orbitor 3600 parabolic dishes, thermal imagers, EMF monitors, and other state of the art ghost hunting equipment conducted a thorough and lengthy investigation at the historical inn and concluded that the R & R Station had just enough extreme ghostly communications along with paranormal activity to justify further investigations into the bizarre and unexplained activity. Electromagnetic field monitors along with infrared cameras were able to detect the spirits of a boy and girl frolicking about, and the second floor was occupied by the ghosts of a wealthy Victorian lady and a man dressed to the nines donning a period top hat.

Other entities living at the inn include a distinguished mob boss, a gad about tattle-tale ghost and a disturbing young ghost woman that is totally out of her mind. Room 15 is by far one of the most bizarre locations in the R & R due to the alleged portal that several of the spirits use to travel between planes. Orbs have been photographed in virtually every visible location within the inn and strange voices have been caught on recording devices designed to communicate with the dead. The bar draws in both living and deceased entities, and it is and has always been a favorite hot spot for the ghosts to play at free will. They have been photographed walking about and fraternizing with the guests. They have also been known to pinch and grope unsuspecting patrons.

One of the more active and mischievous ghosts is believed to be John Polonosky, a former owner reeking havoc on the new owners as if to keep them on their toes. The current owners embrace the colorful past that has taken place at the inn and invite the community to join in the events and tour the inn and visit with the ghosts that have made the R & R their home. The popularity of the inn has grown over the years through word of mouth from the thousands of customers who have sampled some of the finest home cooking in south western Pennsylvania. Some of them are lucky enough to mingle with the spirits as there are reportedly 14 or more different ghosts living at the inn. Spirited news travels fast and ghost hunters, thrill seekers and other brave souls have been known to come for the paranormal entertainment that is offered here for free.

The Pittsburgh Paranormal Society has also had the pleasure of visiting the R & R Station and capturing vivid bluish photos of what are thought to be the mustached male ghost of the former owner John Polonosky who died at the inn. With all of the ghostly encounters and paranormal antics going on, the haunted inn quickly found its way to fame when filmmaker and author Roger Marsh became interested in producing a documentary about the paranormal while working on a book with local UFO expert Stan Gordon. He learned of the highly spirited inn while visiting Pennsylvania. After a tour of the R & R Station Roger quickly realized that it would be a good location to shoot his documentary titled "Mars Attacks Mt. Pleasant".

Location: 19 West Main Street, Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania 15666


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