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The inn was established in 1727. The Logan Inn is among five of the oldest continuously running inns in the United States and the owners gladly welcome all who wish to come and investigate the paranormal activity or anyone who just wishes to unwind to a relaxing evening of great hospitality

The Logan Inn, Paranormal Hot Spot for Colonial Spirits

Ghosts are as much a part of the home turf of the 290 year old Logan Inn as is the exquisite colonial architecture found strategically displayed in each and every one of the 16 rooms situated throughout the inn located in New Hope, Pennsylvania. The inn was established in 1727, but first opened it's doors as a tavern in early 1722, and even though it now maintains some modern accommodations, they in no way take away from the antique charm of the inn, but simply allows guests to feel as though their needs are first and foremost as is the relaxing quality that the inn resonates taking you back to a historical time frame where life was once so much simpler.

Travelers to the Delaware Valley are easily lured in by the beauty of the rolling hills and old-fashioned attractiveness that the area possesses, and the Logan Inn is a favorite overnight stay for anyone that enjoys paranormal activity and history all rolled into one. It comes as no shock that the inn has a whole cast of apparitions freely roaming around room to room and wherever else they may please when you consider that the building weathered the storms of both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Crews from the Travel Channel are no exception to the growing visitors list when they decided to check out the rumors that the inn is considered one of the most haunted in America.

The group quickly learned that the rumors were anything but tall tales when they witnessed a whole host of glowing orbs freely flowing and hovering in the hallways. The lobby was another favorite location for the orbs to show their stuff, and that they did. All through the night, allowing them to be captured on film and after further evaluation the pictures detected full-bodied apparitions in some of the photos. Guests of the inn are always on the hunt for ghosts and while some are delighted when they see them appear, others tend to fear the unknown. A favorite ghost at the inn and the one who appears the most often is none other then a soldier from the Revolutionary War, usually seen in his military attire and marching to the beat of his own phantom drum. Another soldier has been both seen and heard on the steps that lead to the men's room.

Room 6, also known as Emily's room is by far is one of the most requested rooms by ghost hunters, thrill seekers and historians. Here guests will find the ghost of Emily, known to most as the mother of a former owner of the building. This free spirited ghost is usually detected first by the smell of lavender perfuming the entire room, and then she is known to appear to only a select few. She loves to play tricks on guests and finds fun in toying with their luggage and rearranging it to her liking. At night soft crying has been heard coming from room 6, and a few guests have reported having their pillow yanked right out from under their head while they were sleeping. The results from the paranormal activity in room 6 is nothing short of bone chilling, but to date no living soul has ever been harmed.

Room 6 is also a hot spot of paranormal activity for female guests who happen to look into the bathroom mirror where they are normally scared out of their mind when they catch the sight of a man's reflection in the mirror. During the evening when all of the lights are out guests have reported seeing a white misty apparition floating above the bed, and some have even been awaken to the feeling of pressure or what would appear to be as if someone were laying on their chest. Two very clear child apparitions have also been seen over the years, however it is unclear as to who the children belonged to or why they have chose to remain at the inn.

A portrait found in the lobby of the inn depicts a couple from another era, and when guests walk by the two figures in the portrait they are often rewarded with the smell of lavender. The bar is a favorite spot for wartime ghosts as they are frequently spotted in that area in what appears as if they are waiting for someone or something and at times their ghosts seem to be preparing for something. Apparitions of soldiers have also been seen walking through the hallways and they appear randomly at night in each of the 16 rooms. By far the largest amount of paranormal activity can be found in the basement where it is rumored that a soldier was temporarily laid to rest until he could have a proper burial once the frozen winter ground thawed out in the spring. Heavy footsteps from boots are heard regularly walking around in the basement, almost as if somebody is pacing.

The Logan Inn is among five of the oldest continuously running inns in the United States and the owners gladly welcome all who wish to come and investigate the paranormal activity or anyone who just wishes to unwind to a relaxing evening of great hospitality, environment reminiscent of colonial charm, and a menu filled with fabulous brunch, lunch and dinner entrees prepared by Chef Pete Gialias, who hails from the Greek Island of Chios in the Aegean Sea. Their extensive wine and spirits list located at the inn will please any drink connoisseur and the summer clam bake is a crowd pleaser as a full meal of fresh lobster, clams and mussels are paired up with sides of Andouille Sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob. It is a feast like no other in the valley, and where else can you dine with so many colorful spirits that have served in the Civil and Revolutionary Wars and other ghosts that have stood the tests of time.

Location: 10 West Ferry Street, New Hope, Pennsylvania 18938 Phone: 215-862-2300

Ghost hunters will be elated to know that they can extend their paranormal experiences to include a local ghost hunt that Adhkent Thomas Jeffrey Ghost Tour guides claim will take you through a lantern-led walk along darkened historic streets where you'll learn about the phantom hitchhiker who may pass you in the moonlight; or see the historic inn where Aaron Burr appears from time to time and stares a hole through you with sightless eyes. History of the town will be shared with the tour group as will any and all ghostly activity that that area has ensued over the years, past and present.

Dates: From June thru the third weekend in November, the ghost walk group meets Saturday night at Main and Ferry Streets in New Hope, Pennsylvania. During October, the tours meet every Friday and Saturday night, including Halloween night.

Time: 8:00 p.m. Cost: $10.00 per person


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