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Christmas at the McCune Mansion draws out a dominant male spirit. A gentleman donning a black cape appears to lone visitors and the lights flicker on and off during his presence, and then he simply vanishes. Weddings at the mansion bring about excitement and giggles, but not from the bridal party.

Paranormal Events, Holiday Apparitions & a Giggly Child Spirit at the Haunted McCune Mansion

When it comes to lists, the state of Utah could quite possibly fall onto the top 10 as far as lacking in ghost stories, paranormal activity and documented hauntings. In fact Utah by most standards is a relatively conservative state, and is most easily recognized by the Mormon Church and the impact that the Latter Day Saints have had on the residents of the forty-fifth state. Of course ghosts do not go off of statistics, nor do they pick and choose where they will show up, but the lack of apparitions could quite possibly come down to the fact that despite it having a land area of 82,168 square miles, it remains one of the least densely populated states in the United States.

Utah may be limited when it comes to haunted locations, however it makes up for it by having some heavy hitting spirits that are so dominant that photographers have very little difficulty in capturing them on film. One such haunted destination is a 21 room mansion located in the heart of Salt Lake City, Utah, on a massive hill that allows visitors to take in views of the Mormon Temple and the Utah State capitol Building. The McCune mansion is not only made from the finest materials known to man it is simply breath taking as it possesses a captivating feeling that draws in both the living and the deceased.

A vast array of expensive woods and marble went into the very foundation of the mansion as did the carefully thought out design that was orchestrated into eye pleasing and a well crafted decorum. The showy attire of the mansion literally extends itself completely inside and out of the entire property with beautiful elements that include a grand stairway and elegant ballroom dressed to the nines. The master behind the design was none other than Alfred W. McCune, an American entrepreneur who made his fortune in the profitable mining and railroad business. Born in India, Mr. McCune had an eye for the finer things that the world had to offer which included his beautiful wife Elizabeth.

The half a million dollar mansion was completed in 1901. The finished grounds offered guests and the family optimum views of a lush garden and the city below. The mansion was never empty as political allies and friends enjoyed gathering at the beautiful home that flowed freely with parties that offered some of the highest quality food and drinks that man had ever had the pleasure of sampling. The McCunes obviously loved life and each other despite the fact that they did not share a marital bed. Alfred preferred a view of the Capitol Building and Elizabeth enjoyed the pleasant warmth that the Mormon Temple gave her from the bird's eye view that came from her own bedroom window at the opposite end of the mansion.

Sadly, all good things eventually must meet their demise, and this fact did not eliminate the McCunes from the list of sad endings. Once the children had grown and moved away, Alfred felt the need to move to the state of California, so he and Elizabeth donated this mansion to the Mormon Church in 1920 which was later established as a school of music up until 1953 when it changed hands again and became home to The Brigham Young University Salt Lake City Center. Through many years of heavy use from various sources, the McCune Mansion fell into a bit of disrepair and was in desperate need of being restored to her natural elegant state that she once so proudly and easily exhibited. Today she is once again a well deserving grand lady who is adored by the man that saved her, and by the thousands of guests that revel in her exquisite beauty. Phil McCarthey and his family have not only completely restored the mansion, they invite the world to come and enjoy the remarkable beauty of the home and the ghosts that will gladly follow you throughout the tour.

Many participants from the music school complained of odd instances and encounters with apparitions, and are perhaps the first set of documented records found on the mansion claiming that it is in fact haunted by at least two spirits. Eerie organ music resonates throughout the mansion when it is completely void of all living humans. Furniture and other large objects have been known to move on their own, and cold spots occur in almost every room of the grand structure. Faint voices are often heard echoing throughout empty hallways and rooms by those who possess a set of good ears, and playful giggling is a constant source of entertainment at the mansion.

Christmas at the McCune Mansion draws out a dominant male spirit who is thought to be none other than Alfred himself. A gentleman donning a black cape appears to lone visitors and the lights flicker on and off during his presence, and then he simply vanishes. Weddings at the mansion bring about excitement and giggles, but not from the bridal party. One little ghost girl around the age of ten is not only portrayed in a wall hanging, but is often seen frolicking about the house swirling in circles in her stunningly beautiful gown most often during weddings. When noticed by frightened brides, the ghost child walks directly into a mirror that hangs on the West wall of the first floor, and then returns back into the room the same way. Her image has been picked up by hundreds of photographers throughout the years, but the black caped man has only been caught on film by a few quick shots that managed to capture him before he disappears into the night.

Tours of the McCune Mansion: Tours are open to the public, but by appointment only, and they require groups of at least ten to schedule a tour. Cost: $5.00 per person. For more information on tours, call: 801-533-0858 @ extension 104.

Weddings at the McCune Mansion: Brides love the mansion for the romantic ambiance that most easily detected the minute that they have arrived on the property. The beautiful mansion is the perfect destination to come as one and leave as two united beings bonded together forever by love. A complete culmination of wealth, splendor, reverence and spellbound joy are all easily felt at the mansion as everyone comes together in this once in a lifetime celebration of the exchange of love and commitment. For more information, go to:

Location: 200 North Main Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84103 Phone: 801-531-8866


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