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The ghosts of Joseph and Mary will forever be bound to their mansion looks much like it did back when the they resided there during the 1870's. Today the mansion is a restaurant, but the ghost's refuse to leave, and instead mingle with the patrons.

Meet the Ghosts of Joseph & Molly at Forepaugh's Restaurant

When a ghost has such a powerful presence you can only hope that it is a friendly one that brings you no harm. Thankfully this is the case with Molly, a servant who once lit up any room with her natural beauty, pleasant personality and socializations skills that went well beyond her years. Despite her drab maid's uniform, Molly's beauty did not go unnoticed by those around her, especially when it came to her rich and famous employer Joseph Lybrandt Forepaugh. He found every excuse in the book to keep Molly close to him with special requests that were carried out behind closed doors away from prying eyes. It wasn't long before Joseph's wife Mary discovered that her husband and her trusted servant were spending countless hours together alone doing who knows what.

Mary became extremely jealous of the much younger and more attractive servant woman, and soon Molly found herself doing chores that kept her away from the confines of Joseph's private study and the many bedrooms that were available within the sprawling estate. Unfortunately for all parties involved Mary's interjection came to late as it was discovered that Molly was carrying Joseph's child, and hell hath no fury like a woman scorned as her adulteress husband was soon to find out.

Mary ordered her husband to stay far away from the wretched woman who dared to come between them, and Joseph not wanting his good name ruined, promptly ended the steamy affair with his young lover. However this did not go over so well with Molly who became so distraught over the current events that threatened to ruin her life by having a fatherless child, she felt like she was left with no choice but to end her life. Mournful and crying herself into a stupor, the maid half heartedly dragged herself up to the third floor of the mansion, tied a rope around her neck, and jumped out of the window, plummeting until the rope snapped her neck causing her to die instantaneously.

Learning of this horrible event, Joseph Forepaugh fell into a deep depression, and after much consideration about the nightmare situation that had unfolded he decided that he could no longer remain in the home where his beloved had died in such a terrible manner. The wealthy entrepreneur went for a walk on a cool evening that Minnesota is well known for, his pistol hidden from sight in his breast pocket; Joseph shot himself once he located a place of serenity in a remote area in town next to the railroad tracks where nobody would disturb his plans.

The Forepaugh's Victorian mansion is still sitting today in the heart of St. Paul, Minnesota, and looks much like it did back when the original family resided there during the 1870's, the only difference is that the key players are missing from the team. The mansion is beautifully decorated with a 19th century setting befitting for a prince and princess with all the zeal of French finery. Only the wealthiest of citizens once walked these ornately enhanced streets with their material possessions proudly standing out for all who strolled by to admire. Today the restaurant is enjoyed by diners who adore the Victorian era and finely crafted furnishings, and for those who wish to relax in an atmosphere that exhibits elegance with a bit of paranormal activity to heighten the evening into something that is quite out of the ordinary.

The restaurant is strategically positioned right next to the adjoining and lovely Irvine Park, and when the weather permits diners can enjoy the warmer elements by dining out of doors. Of course the paranormal activity typically takes place within the interior of the dining establishment. For instance, visitors should not be surprised by the sudden appearance of Molly; this is the original owner's maid that loves to chat with everyone, and she especially loves to visit new brides and dreams of being the bell of the ball at weddings. Unfortunately Molly has never been told that she is deceased, and therefore continues on as if she were alive and well.

It is not far fetched to expect to witness Mr. Forepaugh not far from Molly's sight as he is usually found to be wherever she is. He has been caught on camera by ghost hunters and paranormal investigators wearing a dark waistcoat, silk vest, derby hat and pin-striped trousers. However Joseph Forepaugh at times does travel to the basement at which time the lights mysteriously flicker on and off, and a permeating chill takes over the room while shuffling noises become more than evident to those within hearing range. Joseph Forepaugh has been seen roaming through the house and descending the stairs in a hurried fashion. He has been caught on film numerous times, typically next to one of the many beautiful female guests dining at the restaurant.

Special events are not unusual at Forepaughs, and during these occasions' the wait staff sometimes wear l9th century period clothing for show. During these events an unknown woman also in period clothing resembling a servant has been known to appear, but nobody ever manages to catch her name. The beautiful young lady always disappears down a hallway and vanishes when chased. Molly's ghost is known to most as a friendly spirit that loves to play pranks on the staff and customers. At closing time the waiters often find candles burning that they had previously distinguished. After blowing the candles out a few more times they finally have to ask Molly to stop it so that they can call it a night. Thankfully for the tired workers the naughty ghost usually obeys when asked to behave herself.

Beauty is a hard thing to ignore and happily the seven dining rooms throughout the mansion possess this very enamoring detail due to the decorators who mastered an artful way of displaying the adornments with grace that captured an era in a most exquisite and brilliantly conceived notion that brings the past and present together in a most natural way. The food is prepared by a master chef, the wine list is extensive and the atmosphere is romantically bewitching to those who take notice of the paranormal ambiance the surrounds guest ever so hauntingly.

Location: The Forepaugh Restaurant sits in the historic district of St. Paul, Minnesota at 276 South Exchange Street. Phone: 651-224-5606


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