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The tavern has been established as the most haunted night club in the United States, and claims from patrons that they have had spirits enter their bodies while in the club only adds to the proof that this place is in fact haunted. Fifty paranormal investigators and a three-day paranormal symposium proved that Bobby Mackey's is filled from foundation to rafter with every type of manifestation under the sun

Poltergiests & Entertainment at the Most Haunted & Famous Bob Mackey's Music World

In a world where paranormal activity is evident, nothing could be clearer then the fact that poltergeists are quite possibly one of the most extraordinary and terrifying of all manifestations because they often leave strong physical evidence of their actions that are nothing less than catastrophic. These highly intelligent and extremely noisy ghosts do everything in their power to make themselves known to every single person dwelling in the structure where they are lurking about. Making noise is one of their strongest pursuits, and making a big mess by throwing around inanimate objects comes in at a close second. Their devastating behavior leaves no doubt to anyone who has witnessed a poltergeist in action that they are in fact the real deal.

For several hundred years poltergeists have been a hot topic with much debate concerning where they come from and why they exist in the first place. One expert who has dealt with these mischievous entities, parapsychologist William Roll, feels strongly that most reported accounts of poltergeists center around children who suffer through an unhappy childhood involving some type of abuse, and that the reported cases are actually caused from recurrent spontaneous psychokinetic episodes. Looking at the other side of the coin, experts in the paranormal field that deal directly with poltergeists on a regular basis would vehemently disagree, and rightfully so.

Bob Mackey's Music World: The Most Haunted Night Club in the United States

Poltergeists reside virtually everywhere, including empty honky tonks, but they eventually find someone that will gravitate towards them by capturing their attention and eventually they get a taker to wishes to further explore the depths of their world involving the mysterious and often dark side of paranormal activity and its unexplained realm into places unknown. This was exactly the case when country music legend Bob Mackey laid his eyes on one crusty old abandoned building and fell in love at first sight. At the time he came across the dilapidated building he wasn't even thinking about buying property or of owning a night club, but hidden forces whispered in his ear and talked him into it.

The history of the building and the grounds that it was erected on are nothing short of sinister. From 1850 to the latter part of the century the building served as a slaughter house. The sealed well in the basement now known as Hell's Gate was once used to wash away the animal remains. The structure later became a casino and refuge for mob members who took the place over from owner Buck Brady. Distraught over being denied rights to his business, Buck shot himself. Reports of multiple murders at the establishment soon rang through the rumor mill, but law enforcement fearing the mob did little to eradicate the illegal activity, and nobody knows for sure just how many people died at the hands of gang members.

From the late 1930's and up until the 1970's the building was host to an array of different nightclubs. The many reported fatal shootings on the property eventually brought an end to an era of illegal activity and eventually the abandoned building was used by Satan worshippers who drew strength from the buildings violent history. Sacrifices and other blood curdling events soon became another chapter of the buildings violent history. Eventually new life was introduced to the establishment when Bob Mackey toured the empty vintage building that appeared to be crying out for a breath of fresh air by purchasing it with the intention of bringing in country music fans that enjoy dancing and good times.

The tavern has since been established as the most haunted night club in the United States, and claims from patrons that they have had spirits enter their bodies while in the club only adds to the proof that this place is in fact haunted. Sworn affidavits from visitors of the club have given various written reports detailing personal experiences of their bodies being affected by cold chills to feelings of a different personally taking over, and a few patrons have even claimed that their facial features became contorted while looking in the bathroom mirror. Bob Mackey's attorneys have warned the country music icon to place a large sign by the entrance door stating that the honky tonk establishment is proported to be haunted, and that management is not responsible for any of the actions of the ghosts or spirits on the premises.

Fifty paranormal investigators and a three-day paranormal symposium to prove that Bobby Mackey's is in fact filled from foundation to rafter with every type of manifestation under the sun was the plan of action. The task proved to be an easy one as activity throughout Bob Mackey's Music World became evident within minutes of entering the country honky tonk. In all of his twenty some years of investigating ghosts Doug Hensley claims that he has never encountered a more malevolent or destructive case than that of which he experienced at Bobby Mackey's. The events that occurred during the ghost hunt included everything from investigators being touched and pushed to smells of rotting flesh and feelings of extremely thick air filled with dread. The deeper picture of the events that unfolded can be read in Douglas Hensley's popular book on the subject "Hell's Gate: Terror at Bobby Mackey's Music World".

The manifestations found dwelling within the night club are quite extensive and threaten to devastate anyone that encounters them. Everyone from ghost children crying out to a headless woman has been caught on high tech equipment ranging from EVP's to EMF's and electromagnetic radiation. Some of the spirits are downright menacing to the humans that come into contact with them, and others just seem to be stuck in a place that they don't want to be in. Other entities found roaming around the bar are thought to be that of Alonzo Walling, Scott Jackson and a woman named Pearl. Perhaps the most entertaining spirit known as Johanna has been seen by hundreds of patrons standing on stage with Bob Mackey's band while they perform.

The activity found in the tavern is thought to be from a variety of sources that includes poltergeists, ghosts, demons, spirits and apparitions that carry out very different styles when it comes down to haunting the place and scaring people out of their minds. Faucets and lights turn off and on by themselves, and objects move around the night club in plain view. Feelings of clothing being grabbed and body parts being touched by invisible hands are all just part of the deal when dancing or carrying on at the tavern.

Ghost Tours: The Northern Kentucky Paranormal Society and partner group Cincinnati Regional Association for Paranormal Studies host the Friday& Saturday night ghost tours from 9pm until 1am. Price: $10 per person.

The Proof: The hauntings, investigative reports and details of the poltergeist activity collected at Bob Mackey's has been featured on various shows from The Travel Channel, Encounters and Sightings to Geraldo, A Current affair, Hard Copy, and The Other Side.

Location: 44 Licking Pike, Wilder, Kentucky, Campbell County's first settlement, situated just across the Licking River from nearby Cincinnati, Ohio


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