Parapsychology, mankind's untapped potential

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Parapsychology isn't a hot topic but a way of life for those seeking answers to the unknown.

Parapsychology is the study of the absolute.

Parapsychology is the study of the powers of the mind and, it's a bit of a hot topic with some people who believe that its all the "devil's work"~total crap. Parapsychology talks about different powers associated with the mind such as telekinesis, teleportation, pyrokinesis etc. These powers can be manifested and used by humans but the road to get there is long and a little arduous but a little meditation and focus will achieve the results that you want. I've been studying parapsychology for 8 years, and I've had 7 dreams about doing telekinesis since the age of 24 which has led me to believe that the power is lying dormant within me. Let it be known too that telekinesis is the more common of the parapsychology superpowers because people seem to report it being the first psi ability that manifests. Parapsychology is as real as you or me, and it's definitely NOT the work of the devil like those ignorant Christian officials would have you to believe. I'll say this, psi abilities are as humanly normal as breathing or walking down the street, and people who are able to do it aren't freaks; they're just gifted. Parapsychology isn't just for reading, but it's there to educate people on what these different abilities are and steps toward understanding them. So, the next time you get curious about a psi ability, look it up and study it because knowledge is "power".


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author avatar Kingwell
3rd Mar 2013 (#)

I keep an open mind and find such things fascinating

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author avatar RJ11
3rd Mar 2013 (#)

I've been open to it as well, I felt compelled to start studying it when I was 24. I do believe such things exist.

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