Peek History of Food and Its Future

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If you visit the American Museum of Natural History, do not forget to stop by to see this exhibition of food, nature and culture

Peek History of Food and Its Future

Eating is a basic human need to survive beside drinking. Without food, the human body will slowly weaken and causing serious damage of internal organs which can lead to death. Indeed, people will not immediately suffocated just by passing two or three days not eating. But in general, people will not be able to move normally and will experiencing indigestion if not eating regularly or even not eating at all in the long term.
Talking about the history of the human food is certainly as old as the human presence on this earth. This topic has become one of the unique idea which presented in American Museum of Natural History. In the museum which located in Central Park West at 79th Street New York, visitors will be able to find a unique exhibition stand which presents the history of this essential activity of human.
In this museum, visitors could see historical of cooking including the traditions of foods storage and their processing from many parts of the world and its development. Visitors will also be able to find the history of food taste along with the development of food processing technology. Not to forget the ancient recipes from around the world participated exhibited.
Besides talking about the history of eating and foods, this museum also displays ideas and the result of researches from the experts who are trying to figure out the future sustainability of food and the food resources for human survival, along with the issue of global food crisis due to climate change and global warming. No lag, a variety of food recipes from around the world participated display in this museum. An exhibition which should not be missed.


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