Perfectionism versus perfection

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Perfectionism strives for perfection, but it is this very striving that removes perfection from you.

"Gold cannot be pure, and people cannot be perfect." old Chinese Proverb

But then the Chinese do not believe in God......

The quotation should be:

"God is pure, and his people are all perfect."

Perfectionism takes you away from perfection

What is perfection?

The only one who is perfect is God. God loves all into perfection.

As long as you do not love, or do not allow his love to remain in you, you will not be operating at a level of perfection. When you rejoin yourself to his oneness, with this comes again perfection, because oneness is always perfect whether you are a part of it or not.

Your imperfection is never a part of oneness though. It is a mere artificialised falseness kept alive only by the energy of negativised love, or fear.

Is perfectionism about striving for perfection, or is it about something else besides?

Perfectionism is related to criticism, and to feeling criticised, or judged by others.

Love never criticises anyone nor does it judge superiorly.

Perfectionism is a trait that comes from fear of judgement, and so you will go into an extreme panic thinking that things are not right. In short, you fear not doing things right enough.

Stop doing things for rightness's sake. Do them from love, and let rightness take care of itself.

Is our purpose perfection, or not?

Our purpose is not to be perfect. This aim is what leads us to perfectionism. We should not try for perfection.

When we be ourselves, we are perfect just like the rest of creation is too. We need make no effort to be perfect then. God and his oneness are perfect already. They are not searching or looking for it in us. We need just recognise our own perfection to be so.

Everything is a part of God's perfection.

There was nothing made that was not seen to be perfect by God. All always remains perfect as it is. The only form of non-perfection that exists is the illusion that we hang onto when we sin.

The truth is that God remains perfect and that anyone who is not living within God from his love is not a part of his perfection. This is only because they are not functioning in full service of that love.

When you live for yourself, you take yourself away from a connection to God's perfect plan for yourself, and so you create falseness islands that you float around on for a while, but you are still surrounded at all times by that great ocean of God's love.

Your fears are that you will drown or fall off your own island, but the real truth is that this island of fear must be absorbed back into love's totality.

In this way, you must become part of the ocean again to live from perfection, and not from a falsely created sense of isolation, and which perfectionism creates in you.

Perfectionism chases a target. Perfection has no target. It just forever remains itself. It is only by fearing perfection that you do not see that it exists within you too.

"Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without."

Confucius apparently came up with this one. The thing is though the diamond is perfect with or without its flaw. The flaw is only a part of our own false perception of what we think that perfection should be.


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Nice post and Happy Thanksgiving!

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