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Everyone have this fear of being rejected and sometimes this fears are the cause of hindrances and blockage in our personal growth. How can we cope up with this? What can we do, in order to overcome this fear?

Having fear of being rehected

Having written a lot of articles from my first trial domain, private clients, then the 2 online publishing site that i have encountered, up to Bubblews I have received feedback’s ranging from affirmations, commendations, advises, revisions, and one rejection. Not from online publishing sites but from a prospect private client. They have said that we need to choose from the title that they had provided. So, picking and choosing from the three title. I have done this article about cars for beginner driver and the feedback was it lacks the full content they were looking for. As it turned out, they also need you to specify the best age and the tips on how to maintain a car, which to tell you and to my surprise is the title of the other 2 topic itself! An overlooked, misguided details that has been send to me. Ha ha!

So, after politely asking if i could have the article back since they cannot used it. I have submitted it to my own page and it had accumulated a view that even i myself could not believe, it had gathered 5,371 readership views in just a few day and was one of my biggest earning one. Its not that i am bragging about this. But i want to share this as a reminder that anyone of us, as we are all writers, can experience rejection once in awhile, its just a matter of acceptance, the ability to bounce back and to take things as a sign that if it is not here then it is meant for another place. Like what i did, call it intervention or Gods plan or destiny, but rejections as it was meant to close upon you, open new doors of opportunities. Just continue writing and learn from it..


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