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Personal Philosophy is the most essential attributes of day to day life. Personal Philosophy lead the conduct of life in a more constructive way. Without it, we can not pass our life.Since our childhood we learn the basic tenets of life. that guide us to acquire the moral values and right directions of passing the days.


Every person has their own personal philosophy . Since its childhood he or she draws his or her lessons from the family, from the surroundings, from the schools, the colleges and the universities. They can understand the right or wrong actions ,the bad or good manners. They learn how to pay respect to the elders, They learn how to behave with the elders, the equals and the juniors . They develop their own personal attributes so that they become good citizens. in the society. If the personal philosophies are not properly cultivated within the mind, it may lead to unlawful citizens who may pollute the structure of the society. It is needless to say that Personal Philosophy means personal belief, faith,religion , values and convictions. All these attributes are firmly ingrained in the body and mind. The intuitions so developed dictates what may be right or wrong They can take right decisions on their own. They can guide their lives in their own right way. They can not be trapped in a false position. Personal Philosophies can make the life smooth and happy. They can guide others in a correct way if they seek advice in times of crisis. Their sharp bent of mind can satisfy others who are confused what to times of doing proper actions. The philosophies of personal life are so strong that they may not be misguided in any way. They are fair enough to reach the right conclusion on their way to leading lives. So it is essential to adopt and follow the right kind of philosophies in their day to day that they may justify to be right and quality persons .

Why is it so important?

If the personal philosophies are not cultivated properly in the right time, it may create weak mind. and lead a chaotic life. In course of life the bad philosophies are automatically rejected and the good philosophies are absorbed in right earnest. Good philosophies are those attributes which can make the person strong minded.. They can not compromise with the evil minded persons.Their personalities are so strong that they can perform the right actions. They can understand the right or wrong actions. With their firm beliefs and faiths , they can come to right decisions . They do not seek any others' advice. They know what to do and what not to do. They have rigid faith in religion and in God and they do not fumble upon their beliefs. They can think what good is and what So their lives are smooth and peaceful. Men can not prosper in life if the personal philosophies are lacking in their character. They have firm convictions in leading their lives. Personal philosophies make the lives stronger. We can not ignore the qualities of personal philosophy in our personal lives. These are very helpful in our working lives. Those who have no such qualities may face difficulties in life.


Personal Philosophies are many and widespread. Its lessons start from childhood to adulthood in the family and in the society. The parents , the school teachers and the friends circle have a major role to play in shaping their lives. The reading books cater to the needs of the development of personal philosophy. Those who are sincere,attentive to their studies may cultivate the good philosophies in life. Under no circumstances can they be deviated from their personal values.


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