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In a world that is forever squeezing us all into ever smaller places, is our own sense of relevance diminishing then too?

This article looks at how you can maintain the sense of who you are, and it describes how you can remain personally relevant in a world that is increasingly losing its own direction.

It will show you how not to lose yours!

How to be relevant, or to make a difference in the world

To be relevant, you must know the answers to these questions about yourself.

# What can I do?

# How can I do it?

# Who can I do it for ?

# How will anyone benefit from what I have done?

Our answers to these four questions will help us to determine our purpose, our life mission, and will give a sense of meaning to our lives as well.

You need to determine your natural God given gifts, and then direct your strengths into these areas.

In the everyday language of the world, this is about identifying your skills. After this it is then about using those particular skills that are required to achieve your goals. The things that you are best at are your strengths.

You can realise your potential when you achieve all that you are capable of achieving. You get nowhere if you believe what others believe about you that they think that you cannot achieve, or are incapable of achieving.

Only you can be you, and only you can know what you are capable of.

Life is about setting yourself up through manufacturing the right experiences for yourself, that will allow you to move forwards along these chosen paths.

If you do this, then you will be described by the world as having taken hold of opportunity, and you will have not just led a life of wasted potential, where your relevance was always too afraid to ever emerge from you into the World at hand.

Relevance to the World, I believe, is only at best about half of what you can achieve though. Read on, and see how you can become relevant to more than just to the World.

Values needed to succeed, and to achieve personal relevance

These four values are perhaps the top four that you will need to either develop, or to build upon.

I believe that they are already inbuilt within each one of us, but nevertheless, they can be enhanced when you own these values as part of who you really are.

# You need to be worthy of trust, and conversely you need to be able to trust others, and also to trust your own self, and its life direction.

# You need to be committed, enthusiastic, responsive and aligned to who you really are. You need to be happy being yourself.

# You must learn to respect others, as well as yourself. You need to accept others, and also to accept yourself. Respect always goes hand in hand with acceptance.

# You need a certain belief within yourself, and this should translate also to your always
having faith within the bigger picture view of what you will always remain a part of.

This is all about self worth, letting your own sun shine brightly is living from who you really are.

Spiritual perspectives

"How can the world be more beautiful because I am in it?"

This question can best be answered I feel from a spiritual perspective.

Love is beautifully felt when we allow ourselves to fully feel it. The world is beautiful only because this love keeps it so. Love connects, and beauty is seen from connection.

In this way, all is beautiful together.

Here is a great quote for me to finish this article with by that great American philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson, (1803 to 1882).

"Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not."


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author avatar Funom Makama
18th Mar 2014 (#)

This is so true and practical to me (especially), considering my battle of who I am (A writer by birth) and what I am (A medical doctor by career and a future Billionaire..... LOL!).. Thanks for this outstanding page

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author avatar cnwriter..carolina
18th Mar 2014 (#)

this is full of sentient thought...

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author avatar spirited
18th Mar 2014 (#)

Thanks for your compliments, Funom

Reply to this comment

author avatar spirited
18th Mar 2014 (#)

thanks carolina,

I'm glad you thought so

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author avatar Fern Mc Costigan
19th Mar 2014 (#)

Nice post!

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author avatar spirited
19th Mar 2014 (#)

thanks Fern

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author avatar Phyl Campbell
19th Mar 2014 (#)

Good ideas expressed here. I like how you equate self-trust with happiness. Being someone else is not how one should live.

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author avatar spirited
19th Mar 2014 (#)

thanks Phyl,

I guess we could never be completely happy if we are not being ourselves

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author avatar Stella Mitchell
19th Mar 2014 (#)

It certainly is very satisfying when we can achieve relevance in our daily life spirited .
God bless you
Stella ><

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author avatar spirited
19th Mar 2014 (#)

yes that's true, Stella

relevance can give our lives meaning I feel.

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