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When getting a pet, its good you take your kids into consideration.

Five friendly pets you can get for your kids

All parents would love to buy pets for their kids, but their friendly pet dogs you can get that kids would love. below is a list of them:

1. Boxer’s

The boxer’s is a dog that loves children, it is muscular, and has a square-head. They have short shiny coats which is captivating.
This breed is actually the people’s oriented breed because it is playful. It shows great love and loyalty to their families.

Boxers don’t trust visitor’s and would be aggressive when the visitor acts in an irrational manner to its owner or family.

I love the boxer because it is quite intelligent, alert and fearless and in all it is friendly. The boxer shows much love to its family, by playing with them always.

As you provide the boxer with physical exercise and mental stimulation they become great companions.

2. Mastiff

The mastiff is considered as the largest breed which can weigh 220 pounds or more.
The size of a mastiff makes it to appear fierce, but it is good natured. Mastiff is very aggressive when danger knocks at his family.
A mastiff can knock down an intruder to the ground and lay on them until help comes. A point to note when you think of acquiring a mastiff is that it snores and a snoring mastiff makes a lot of noise.

3. Old English sheepdog

The old English dog is a large, athletic dog breed. This dog is so loving and very affectionate and has a clownish energy.
Historically the Old English sheepdog helps farmers to drive sheep and cattle to the market.
Old English sheepdog is an obedient dog with great agility, adaptability and intelligent.
It enjoys the comfort of home life.

4. Labrador Retriever
Labrador retriever is a dog that is bred to be a companion. This breed is very playful and would keep kids busy.

History has it that it earned its respect and home keep during the period it was helping fisher men to fetch ropes, haul nets, and also retrieve fish from the chilly North Atlantic. This is America’s most popular breed.
Labrador retriever is muscular and athletic in nature.

5. Dalmatian

Dalmatian is a large muscular and strong dog; it has a vast amount of stamina and energy.
A typical Dalmatian does not like to sit around doing nothing. They are very playful, happy, easy going and are also dedicated.
Dalmatian needs great companionship with humans so as to get along very well. So with this, the kids should know they’ve got a great friend. This dog is trainable to a higher degree of obedience.
Take note a Dalmatian loves high level of attention but if you know you won’t give to it that time; don’t bother getting a Dalmatian because it will become heady.


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25th Jul 2015 (#)

Will stick with the great Swiss mountain dog or the Bernese mountain dog. Ideal with kids from experience.

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