Philosophy and Ethics: any cohesion with practical world or just Phenomenon?

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Philosophy and Ethics: is there any Cohesion with realities?

Philosophy and Ethics: any Cohesion or just a Fantasy?

Philosophy is mainly defined as the study of general matters and issue faced by people regarding the matters of their own existence, knowledge, reason, values, mind and language. In the present day setting of situation we see that the one when declared as powerful automatically acquires the divine mandate to invade any country, kill as much people as they desire and gain control of as much resources as it desires. Topics like equality, ethics, morality and justice all seem to be outdated and old-fashioned, limited to philosophical books and professor’s lectures because once stepping outside the library or lecture hall all these terminologies appear as a total hogwash in the wake of lustful interests, personal benefits and corrupt advantages irrespective of the method and purpose that is applied for their acquisition.

Hence, dilemma is that, despite the education, knowledge and wisdom that we all keep claim, where are the real justice that we only keep chanting but when to implement it or to follow it situation arrive, we start to say this and that! What about the incident that just took place in Ferguson? Do we still believe that equality, ethics, morality and justice are in action with all its powers? What about the famous OJ Simpson case? that was another slap on the face of equality, ethics, morality and justice! The crux of this whole little discussion is that when personal interest are backed with ego and selfishness; these incident happens and these situations are not the neo innovations; if we explore the history, we will find lots of related issues and incidents. So, again the same dilemma rise that, equality, ethics, morality and justice all seem to be outdated and old-fashioned, limited to philosophical books; so when will this dilemma end ?

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