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Are you a painter, photographer or any other kind of artist? Follow me on this journey of creative challenges! Don’t get stuck in a “creator’s block”! Challenge number 1 is “ICE”.

Develop and Improve Your Artistic Talent!

When you’re a photographer or any other kind of artist or creator it can be hard to come up with something new at all times. We wish to develop our talent and continuously improve our skills. I have gathered a long list of photo challenges for myself to use whenever I’m stuck in a “creator’s block”. I believe these challenges can boost your creativity whether you are a painter, writer or photographer.

If You Don't Have It, Make It!

The first challenge on my list is “Ice”. Living in Norway and having January on the calendar this would normally be an easy assignment, but this year the weather has been really strange. It has been raining for weeks, and the temperature is still on the plus side of the Celsius scale. That means I had to find ice somewhere else.

Ice is one of my favorite subjects to shoot. I love the organic shapes, the light sifting through ice blocks, ice covered ponds and lakes and even a single leaf covered in a layer of frost.

There is no ice outside so I had to meet the challenge in a different way. I would make my own ice! I also decided to add some orange slices.

The Fun Part is Creating!

I put a box with just a little water in the freezer. After a couple of hours I added a couple of orange slices and more water and put the box back in the freezer for a few hours till the ice was solid.

Then the fun began! I didn’t want to take a shot of an orange slice in an ice cube. I wanted something more artistic, so I moved really close to get the bubbles in the ice and make the orange appear more abstract. The bright orange colors brought out the texture of the ice, and made it appear much more interesting. It was lit from behind by one studio lamp.

I have done similar shots with flowers several times, and the result was pretty cool. You can see some of the images here: More importantly, it’s a lot of fun, and it definitely boosts your creativity!

Your turn!


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I am a photographer hoping my art will give the viewer a moment of escape. I will write about art and also add some photo challenges as well as everyday stories and travels.

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
7th Jan 2014 (#)

Your Grace,
Art is in everything and everything is art.
It is a universal thread and language.
Your heart has that eye.
I believe you are a true artist and will find that in every venue and medium you explore, you will create, feel and find reward.
In the process, you will provide those gifts for others.
Your kids are like a blank computer. Ready for anything and everything!
Make sure you take advantage of that resource to explore and build you talents!
In doing will plant the seeds of your wonderful artistic eye & heart into theirs!
Thank you.
Only the best,

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author avatar Graceful
7th Jan 2014 (#)

What a wonderful comment, Dan. Thank you so much for your generous words! I truly appreciate your kindness!

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
7th Jan 2014 (#)

Hey Sweetheart,
You are so very welcome.
I speak from my heart, but only because I believe it is the truth!
Only the best,

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author avatar Williamsji
13th Jan 2014 (#)

Dear Author,
My special appreciation on your photographic art. Your art need attention not only on beautiful things, but also on ugliness, I mean hunt for beauty in ugliness as well, like stones, roots of a tree, thorns, sharp leaves etc. Use a different lens with sense and a sharp eye.
My support is always there. Ig you click ugliness, I shall scribble my verses on it and post in this forum. My email

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author avatar Lady Aiyanna
19th Jan 2014 (#)

To create something artistic is a gift, its part of the lighting, angle and focus apart from the model and the poser that makes it...

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