Photo Challenge Number 8 - REFLECTIONS

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Number eight on my photo challenge list is «reflections». You can find them everywhere if you look.

Reflections in Paintings

Don’t you just love great paintings of street scenes on a rainy day? You know the kind with lots of people with bright red and blue umbrellas, and where the headlights of passing cars and traffic lights illuminate the wet surface so that the colors are reflected in the ponds. I think these pieces of art are gorgeous. I keep my eyes open on rainy days, but people don't walk in the rain unless they have to, and their raincoats and umbrellas are typically black or grey. I wish I could paint! Then I would add the colors I want!

Open Your Eyes and Look Around!

If you live in a big city it might be a little easier to find colorful people, but in a small town like mine one must look for bright colors elsewhere. If it's raining reflections from street lights on the hood of a car could be a nice start. Open your eyes and look everywhere you go! You'll be surprised by the intriguing beauty that will be revealed if you look for it.

You'll find reflections in windows and glass of course, on mailboxes, TV screens, calm ponds, metal surfaces and even in your coffee! Sun rays through a colored glass window make art on the wall.

Every Season Is Perfect

Each season offers different opportunities. The fall foliage makes amazing patterns on lakes and rivers. If the water isn’t totally still, the ripples will add texture. You have a gorgeous piece of abstract art right in front of you. Spring and summer offer the same beauty only with different colors, and the winter gives you soft colors on icy surfaces.

Train Your Eye!

The real challenge is to look at the world so closely that you discover new things that can trigger your creativity. Paint it, shoot it, draw it or write about it and let some of your inner reflections out to the surface!

Don't be afraid to show your results! Have fun!

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author avatar WOGIAM
2nd Jun 2014 (#)

I especially like the "fall reflections" photo, thanks for sharing.

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