Photo Challenge number 10 - WHITE

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If you want to create something like a piece of art or a photograph, here's a challenge for you!

Focus on Colors

Any color challenge will give your brain a little boost and make you concentrate on that particular color. It’s easy to spot anything red like a red dress, a red car or a red umbrella. If I tell you to go and shoot something blue, that’s easy too. You’ll shoot the sky, a blue flower or a blue house, but what if I tell you to make a white photo or a white painting? What will you do then? Snow? Yes, that’s one option, but there are so many more if you’re paying attention.

White on White

Next time you go for a walk, drive to work or look out the window, what do you see that is both white and will look good in a piece of art? Try to think of something white that looks good with something white! Yes! White with white! Mix different objects that are white, and let the textures and the way the light hits each individual object be what distinguishes them from each other. Also experiment with a white background. Try some still life shots of eggs on a white table cloth and with a white background or whatever you can find that pleases your eye. This will train your eye, not only to study and understand lighting, but also to be more aware of textures which are important when you have white objects and white backgrounds.

The Light is Everything

The challenge here is to get enough light on the background without overexposing the subject you’re shooting. You can use a regular light source or a studio flash to light up the background. Try different shots while moving the light source to the side and in front of the subject. You will now see how the light and shadows change and how the textures appear more and less distinct.

Digital Fun

It's always right to have a little digital fun if it adds something good to the image. I used Photoshop and added textures to give this image of sugar on a white blanket a more vintage feel.

So, what white stuff are you going to challenge?

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author avatar Nancy Czerwinski
9th Apr 2015 (#)

Thanks for sharing your article and the great tips. Smiles to you this morning.

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author avatar Graceful
9th Apr 2015 (#)

Thank you, Nancy! :-)

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

Your Grace,
Great piece!
I hope to start having some time to myself starting late fall.
I've always wanted to get into photography.
I will definitely be reaching out to you when I do!
I wish I could keep up with you more.I find you very special.
Thank you!
Only the best,

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author avatar Graceful
22nd Apr 2015 (#)

Thank you, Dan! It's always good to hear from you! I'm sure you'll be a great photographer! (With my help of course! LOL)

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author avatar Dan Dawson Sr.
27th Apr 2015 (#)

But of course!!! ;)

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