Photo Challenge number 9 - SPOTLIGHT

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My photo challenge number 9 is «spotlight». You can make the spotlight yourself or wait for Mother Nature's help.

Not all spotlights are on a stage

You can interpret this challenge any way you want. If you have the chance to be around performers in the spotlight, don’t miss out, take photos, paint, write music or whatever it is you do. Last year I was at a Rolling Stones concert in Oslo. Mick Jagger in a bright red jacket made of feathers against a black background would definitely make a great photo, but was I allowed to take that photo? NO! No cameras allowed! The image stays in my head just to annoy me, I’m sure! So if you have a star in your family whether it is a child in a school play or anyone else, you know what to do. Just have fun and sharpen your senses! That’s what it’s all about. Learn how to become aware of things around you and use it in a creative way.

Making my own spotlight

I’m taking another approach and creating my own spotlight in a still life shot. The first image “Lunch” is quite easy to make. Camera on a tripod in a dark room, long exposure and a LED flashlight is all it takes. The exposure I used was 4-5 seconds, f/18, ISO 200. In these few seconds I quickly moved the little flashlight over the areas that I wanted to highlight. Experimenting with a flashlight in a dark room is quite fun, and there are no limits for what you can do.

A Little Help From Mother Nature

You can also find beautiful spots of light in a dark forest. Look for sunbeams making way between trees and landing on a mushroom or a flower on the ground. In this photo Mother Nature created the spotlight by letting the sun rays light up a tree on a frosty day. I just happened to be there and to SEE it!

Now, your turn! Next time you're out what kind of spotlights do you see?

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author avatar Mark Gordon Brown
20th Jan 2015 (#)

Great photography challenge idea, I hope people get inspired. I would love to do this myself but for now am busy, perhaps in the spring.

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author avatar Graceful
20th Jan 2015 (#)

Mark, while you are busy train your eye! Look for spotlights! It's all about seeing. :-)

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