Photosynthesis in non-green colored leaves

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We all know about the mode of food preparation in plants. The green pigment present in the leaves helps in photosynthesis. But what about the leaves which are not green in color.Do they prepare food without the green pigment ? If so how ?

The photosynthesis in green plants

Most plants are green in color due to the pigment called CHLOROPHYLL found in the leaves which are involved in the photosynthesis.This pigment captures light energy from sun which is used to fuel PHOTOSYNTHESIS, which is needed for plants to make energy in the form of sugars.

But, even the green leaves have a non green pigment called the CAROTENOIDS AND XANTHOPHYLLS in addition to chlorophyll in the plastids of their cells.There are also many plants with non green pigments that can mask the chlorophyll, which make the plant appear purple.
These are the Anthocyannins the purple cytoplasmic pigments.

Photosynthesis in non-green plants

Photosynthesis occurs even in purple colored plants due to the presence of chlorophyll.Even in the chlorophyll there are different kinds based on the molecular structure and wavelength absorption.

The same thing happens in the non-green algae which synthesizes food by doing photosynthesis.In addition to the principle pigments, it has the chlorophyll -a pigment in it which helps in food preparation.
There are 100s of parasitic plant species which lack chlorophyll, so their stems appear white or yellow.They have rudimentary leaves or even lack leaves.
The plant having biggest flower RAFFLESIA is the best example.Another one is the DODDER plant.


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