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In recent times we have been listening to plane crashes than ever before. It is probably due to the excessive coverage by the media.

How safe is a plane journey?

First it was vehicles on the road which were accident prone. Close behind train accidents were happening. Airplanes were considered to be safe till very recently as the possibility of air accidents were relatively low. Clear skies, trained pilots and healthy engines keep the airplane flying safe. Of late we have had one among the three factors going bad and we have been listening to plane crash. There was chaos and confusion when the news first broke of the crash. Soon people have got seasoned and do not react anymore whenever there is a plane crash. Life seems to be going on like ever before. No doubt we are witnessing more number of crashes in the recent past but it is not entirely because of the media coverage alone. The skies are filled with number of airplanes and they operate to different destinations. It is likely that the percentage of plane crashes is in check but the number of planes flying has gone up considerably. I condemn the very idea of a plane crash and not justifying the crash in any manner. Globally the accident rate seems to have gone up even on rail and road. By far surface transport seems to be the safe choice with the limitation of its speed and access to limited destinations.

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30th Jul 2010 (#)

Nothing like travelling by road yet we can't escape travelling by air. Media coverage is having a negative effect on children...they get frightened.

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