Planet Earth: The Soil, Populace, and Beyond...

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The atmosphere, planet, earth, soil, ecology, land, biodiversity, flora and fauna were there since the very beginning of time, but then came human, who claimed the dominance over all the creations of nature. This act of dominance has had everlasting alterations on the entire surrounding ambiance, and that too forever.

The Importance of Biodiversity

Mankind has long claimed an ownership on the serene biodiversity that surrounds it. Exploring, exploiting, discovering, developing, destroying the ecological balance time and again by constructing villages, rails, roads, houses, airports etc. We the humans have often neglected the intangible asset that is diverse, vibrant, dynamic active and even healthier, for the seemingly sustainable comforts that we crave day in and day out.

We ought to forget that our very own existence and survival is interwoven in this very biodiversity, the components of which we continue to hamper every day. The energy that weaves the entire universe into one common force emanates and dwells from the same biodiversity framework.

The utmost harm that any component of this biodiversity is bearing owing to irresponsible human intervention is "soil". Soil is the largest ecosystem on the planet as within it we see millions of organisms dwelling and no doubt soil has more atoms than the stars in the sky. It is also stated that 1 acre of soil can support up to 1.75 million earthworms.

Biodiversity: Soil as an Essential Ecosystem

Soil is truly vibrant base of the entire ecology and it is also a survival essence of life. The visible plateau of life is indeed deeply rooted in the invisible ground, down beneath, i.e. the interiors below the soil. Soil is sacred, it is crucial to understand that its soil that needs to be nurtured and not the flora, as the former caresses the latter elegantly.

Soil productivity function thus remains to be enhanced so as to make it more fertile and the microorganisms present in the soil spearhead this activity of soil decomposition. The diverse population of these microorganisms must therefore be enhanced to yield promising productivity for superior sustainability.


Biodiversity, due to carbon sequestration via photosynthesis, determines proper climate pattern, so biodiversity of soil is also important for appropriate carbon sequestration along with global warming reduction alongside climate change mitigation.

Admit it. Soil is the true ASSET! It preserves life and our planet.


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