Planning a Bachelorette Party: A Cheap Chic Approach

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Planning a bachelorette party can be challenging, especially when you have a small budget. Here's a guide to help you along in your planning process with some useful tips and ideas for the beginner party planner.

Why am I planning a bachelorette party?

It's a given that if you're planning a bachelorette party, you're most probably a maid of honor, bridesmaid or good friend of the bride. The story usually starts with a woman and a man, a proposal and a wedding. In order to celebrate the bride-to-be's last days as a single woman, a bachelorette party is organized by the bridal party. Most of the time, it's the maid of honor who should step up to the plate, but if that's not the case, someone needs to plan it other than the bride and it doesn't matter if you're part of the bridal party or not. The bride will thank you for taking charge and planning a night in her honor.

Where do I start?

When you want to throw an awesome bachelorette party, the key is to know your bride. When I thought of my bachelorette, the first four words that came to mind were: tequila, bar, mechanical bull and karaoke. Sounds crazy, right? Well, she's a crazy gal. After having thought about it, I knew that the night was going to revolve around those four key words.

Tip #1: Come up with 3 to 5 key words that describe your bride at her craziest.

Tip #2: Create a theme, it will guide you throughout the planning process. It could be anything: 80's rock star party, fiesta, whips and chains. Choose something that requires some wild outfits.

Tip #3: Ask the bride-to-be if there is anything she doesn't want at her party. Afterall, it is her night and even though you want to embarass her as much as possible, you don't want to go too far.

Date, time, people and place

Date & Time

The great thing about planning the bachelorette yourself is that you get to choose the date that works best for you.

Tip #4: First ask the bride-to-be which dates are best for her and then choose a date that works with your schedule. Everyone else can deal with it!


I decided to have the bachelorette in two parts.

The first part took place at a mutual friend's house. I had prepared games, food and a fruit punch with a touch of alcohol in it. Alright, it was more than a touch of alcohol.

Tip #5: Pre-drink. The bill can add up fast at a bar or club, if you want to save money, drink before-hand and make a spiked punch.

Tip #6: Ask key people to bring appetizers, snacks and desserts. If they're close friends to the bride, they won't mind helping out a little.

The second part of the night was going to be at a bar downtown equipped with a mechanical bull! Perfect for the night at hand!

Tip #7: Choose a venue that your bride will enjoy and that's close to other bars and clubs so that you can move around during the night.

At first, my thoughts were to get bottle service for the night, which is good for some people who don't have a budget due to the fact that bottle service is expensive! The only benefit to bottle service is that you get a table to sit at. I was more than happy to forgo the table and have guys buy us drinks instead.

Tip #8: Have guys buy the bride-to-be drinks during the night. Most of the time, they'll be so drunk themselves, they won't mind forking out a few bucks for the lovely bachelorette.

Tip #9: If you're not going to get bottle service, call the venue before hand and ask that they put you on their VIP list. That way, you won't have to wait in line. When I called the bar, I spoke with the manager who graciously gave me his cell number so that I could call him when we arrived at the bar. This way, we didn't have to look like losers waiting out in line.


At this point, you're going to want to ask the bride-to-be for a contact list of the people she wants to invite to the party. Usually, you only ask those who are invited to the wedding, but I'm not against making up your own rules and inviting the entire city!

Tip #10: Make sure to get as much contact information on people as you can. You might end up chasing people at the end for their R.S.V.P. and a phone number is the easiest and fastest way to get an answer.

As for the invitations, if it's a traditional bride, buy appropriate invitations and send them out by mail. If the bride is less traditional, feel free to send out e-mails or even create an event on Facebook.

When it comes to inviting the moms and aunts, a.k.a the "older" crowd, let the bride decide if they should be invited or not. Having two parts to the bachelorette can easily solve this problem. Plan the first part so that everyone can join and then save the second part of the night for the crazy party girls. In any case, consult the bride.

Tip #11: Mark a "R.S.V.P. by date" on the invitation. For some reason, people are notorious for leaving things to the last minute, therefore, if you need an answer by a certain date or if you need an answer at all, mark a date. Give them a dealine.


Chances are if you're drinking, you'll need transportation, especially if you plan on going to a bar or club. In my case, the best thing to do was book a limo and ask those other than the bride to pay their share or part of their share. Other than limosines, there are many options; you can use a taxi service, public transportation, walk to the nearest bar or just party at a friend's house and sleep over. In any case, you want to plan ahead to make sure you have a safe way to and from the venue.

Tip #12: If the attendees don't mind paying their share for the limo, rent a limo. It's so much more glamourous!

Games, decorations and party favors

This is my favorite part and where you're going to save the most money! Why pay inflated prices for novelty games when you can make your own. By surfing the internet, you can get a myriad of ideas. Here is one of my favorites:

Pin the junk on the hunk: I buy large neon presentation boards at the dollar store and draw my own naked man less his penis. Then I draw and cut out a whole assortment of peckers which will be used to pin the junk on the hunk. This game always gets the party going. You'll laugh so hard, you'll risk peeing your pants. You can also customize your man for a themed party. For example, if you're having a 70's party, you can call it "pin the junk on that 70's hunk".

Tip #13: Search the internet, be creative and make your own games.

Same goes for decorations, make your own! Buy some colorful paper, markers and glitter at the dollar store and let your inner artist run free. Have your friends help you out, everyone loves drawing male genitalea.

Not to forget are the party favors and game prizes. I suggest buying colored or flavored condoms, ring pops and candy necklaces. These are all inexpensive, but so much fun!

It's all about the bride

During the party, you want to make your bride feel special, this is why you need to embarass her as much as possible.

Tip #14: I know everyone does it, but have a veil for the bride to wear throughout the night. I made my own by buying tulle at the local fabric shop and a sparkly headband from the dollar store. Use a glue gun and voila!

Tip #15: Have everyone bring an item for the bride to wear. This item should go with the theme you chose. If you're theme is 70's night, have them bring an item of 70's clothing.

Tip #16: Make a t-shirt for the bride letting everybody know she's the bachelorette. Better yet, make t-shirts for the whole party crew. Be creative, buy some fabric paint and create your own bachelorette logo. Many stores sell inexpensive t-shirts that you can decorate. Adding sparkle is always a plus!

Tip #17: Create a to-do list that must be accomplished by the bride throughout the night. Feel free to write the most senseless things you can think of. For example, have the bride pee standing up or dance to Michael Jackson's "Thriller". Ask friends for suggestions.

Tip #18: Don't forget about the other ladies in your crew. Have them wear a pin or badge that lets onlookers know they're part of your insane group.

Tip #19: Whatever you do, keep your eye on the bride. Make sure she's not guzzling alcohol at the beginning of the evening or they might end up passed out by midnight. You also don't want a remake of "The Hangover" and lose your bride. Just be sure to keep the bride intact, she does have to get married after all!

Last thoughts

A bachelorette party is an opportunity to get a little wild and let your crazy self free. Be creative, plan ahead and when the night comes, go with the flow and enjoy the party as well. Ideas might come to you as the night unfolds, ride with them.

Tip #20: Make it a night to remember, take lots of photos so that you can revisite the party anytime.

I only hope that this makes you just that much more prepared to plan your next bachelorette. They're not the easiest parties to plan, but so rewarding when you've planned an epic one.


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